Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.


12. 11. Endless Terror


I am your only hope

I am your savior

I am your only hope

I am your savior


[Verse 1]

I am your only hope

I am your savior don’t you know

I am the only one

Who knows the truth won’t let ya go

I am your mastermind

I know the power of a lie

I am clinically insane

But I’ll tell you one thing, everybody here me



My bedroom

Will be my tomb

I guarantee

I’ll never leave




Lonely void

Runnin’ from ENDLESS TERROR I avoid

Home alone

Far from home

Hang up from ENDLESS TERROR on the phone

Here we go

Let me go

I feel the ENDLESS TERROR that I know



I feel the ENDLESS TERROR coming on


[Verse 2]

You are the only arms

A place I know won’t set off alarms

I want to be myself

But I feel trapped by everyone else

I wanna run away

But I’ll get lost along the way

I wanna be OK

But I feel the terror every place





I must be outta my mind

I’m terrified to stay behind

Please promise you won’t leave

I need you here just to sleep



[Chorus x2]

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