Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.


11. 10. Screaming 'Hallelujah!'


This song touches on what’s quite a touchy subject in America: gun crime and gun laws. Initially it starts about people using guns for terror attacks, and doing it in the name of their ‘god’. (I put the word ‘god’ in quotation marks because any Christian, Muslim, Jewish person, whatever, will tell you their gods are gods of peace). Then, at the end, it touches on gun laws. With this statement I have included both sides of the argument, in an attempt to remain neutral. As an artist, it isn’t my job to point fingers, merely to present you questions.


[Verse 1]

You’re gonna gun me down

Hand all the bullets out

We’re gonna burn down this whole town

You wanna bring it up

Point all the barrels up

‘Cause everybody gonna hear this sound



Run to your lord

And pray for your cause

He’s gonna get bored

Of this constant rhythm

Here to confess

We all digress

World is a mess

In which we’re livin’



Protect me lord ‘cause I’m about to sin

I wanna get away with everything





SCREAMING ‘HALLELUJAH!’ as I fall to my death



SCREAMING ‘HALLELUJAH!’ with my very last breath

Shooting to the left and shooting to the right

Shooting everywhere but it’s alright



SCREAMING ‘HALLELUJAH!’ as I fall to my death


[Verse 2]

On an immortal’s watch

We’re gonna strike the match

Run all the blood down to the sea

If we can hide it all

We’ll take ourselves and fall

Because we made those children bleed








Look to the left and look to the right

Look to the families cower in fright

Give me a gun and then I can fight

But the law gave them theirs so tell me what’s right




[Chorus x2]

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