Weekly Story Prompts

As a way to motivate me to write more, I've decided to a movella where each week I give a phrase, picture, set of words or something similar, and write something from it. This can be a poem, short story... ANYTHING.
I hope that you guys will join me, and I will copy in your things if you give me a link :)


2. Week 1: My Response

The young man blinks the rain out of his eyes and stares into the distance. Perhaps he was mistaken. Surely he can't just have heard... singing? He is torn from his thoughts as a huge wave comes crashing over the side of the ship, sending him tumbling head over heels to the other side of the deck. Spluttering, he climbs to his feet. That's when he hears it again - a haunting string of notes that spirals to the heavens. It sets his teeth on edge and makes the hairs rise on the back of his neck, yet as unsettling as it is, it is at the same time achingly beautiful.

He must find the source of the unearthly sound. The man grits his teeth as he navigates a path through the treacherous rocks that surround him. Above him, a flash of lightning illuminates the sky, followed closely by a deep roll of thunder that seems to echo through his very being. And through all of this is threaded the bewitching melody that the young man is desperately trying to find the source of.

A glimpse of golden hair. A jolt as the ship crashes into a rock, throwing the man bodily to the deck. The singing stops, and he can only watch from where he is sprawled on the floor as a young girl swims up to him. She kisses him lightly on the cheek before laughing, a sound as pure as a bell, yet somehow unsettling. Somewhere in the back of his befuddled mind, the man knows that his ship is sinking. He pushes the thought away and focuses on the girl, entranced, and she stares at him for a moment before swimming away with a flash of silver scales.


The young man struggles to stand, but quickly loses his balance as what is left of his ship is tossed about at the mercy of the ferocious waves. There is nothing he can do now. He is doomed to die alone, in an ocean devoid of human life. For he is sure that the strange girl is not human. A tear trickles down the young man's face, indistinguishable from the seawater. His last thought is of his cargo. The diamonds will never reach their recipients. Instead, they will lie forgotten at the bottom of the sea. Then his ship can stay afloat no more, and he sinks to the ocean floor.

The girl laughs and swims down to the wreckage to find what she came for. The diamonds have spilled all over the seabed, glittering in the sand, and she carefully gathers them up in her hands before rising to the surface. Then she returns to her seat on the rock, and begins a new song, waiting for another unsuspecting sailor to ensnare with her voice.


So in case you didn't get that, my story was about sirens. They are mermaids that lure sailors to crash into rocks with their beautiful singing.

I'm sorry if it moved too quickly or got too dark XD

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