Tori Burnley is a senior, 2 more weeks and she's set free from anymore homework, sleepless nights, assignments, and dumb jock's. She simply cannot wait for this year to be over...That is until her new substitute teacher Mr. Sorrels fills in for Mrs. Johnson for the last couple of weeks that are left. Tori got into some trouble with some of her friends when they were caught skipping class, Mr. Sorrels has no choice but to punish Tori for her irrational behavior...


2. The new guy

I drug my feet behind me as the 6th period bell rang, The last thing I need is Mrs. Johnson eyeing me all period and lecturing me about bad choices. I entered the classroom in silence and kept my eyes on the floor, I braced myself for the biggest pep talk of my life.

"Hello everyone, I'm Mr. Sorrels and I'm going to be your substitute for the next week and a half"

I looked up and examined the tall figure ahead, Mr. Sorrels had dark hair and intense green eyes, his skin was tan and healthy, his body was muscular and his tight button up shirt showed it. Mr. Sorrels was handsome...Mr. Sorrels was perfect. I looked at the rest of the class and all the girls were in awe, Jolie was convinced she was in love. Not even Mr. Sorrels could cure my restlessness so I dozed off quietly.


From years of experience I knew that was my que, I sat up straight but Mr. Sorrels called me into the hallway I trotted out and closed the door behind me.

"let me explain, I was only resting my-

He gave me a puzzled look.

"I can't recall when I asked you to speak, little girl"

Oh no... another teacher from hell, if I can get rid of jackass Johnson he won't be an obstacle.

"I can't recall when I asked you to interrupt me, young man"

He looked and studied me but came up short because I was clearly doing the same thing.

"inside, now"

"With pleasure"

I strolled to my desk and plopped down, The loud screeching of a desk across the floor made everyone jump.

​"why don't you get up here with me hotstuff?"

I laughed and grabbed my bag.

"I'm hotstuff now? A minute ago I was little girl"

He gave me a cold blank stare all through the class period, I smiled every time. The 7th period bell rang and I packed up my things, but before i could stand Mr. Sorrel's piercing eyes met mine as he stood over me.

"I'm sorry, need something?"

His eyes deepened and his jaw clenched.

"If I were you I wouldn't try to embarrass the teacher in front of the other students like that"

I took a step forward then grabbed his tie and studied it with my fingers.

"and if I were you, I would've went with a different tie"

his jaw clenched once more and I took a hint, I grabbed my bag and left before he assigned more detention.


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