Tori Burnley is a senior, 2 more weeks and she's set free from anymore homework, sleepless nights, assignments, and dumb jock's. She simply cannot wait for this year to be over...That is until her new substitute teacher Mr. Sorrels fills in for Mrs. Johnson for the last couple of weeks that are left. Tori got into some trouble with some of her friends when they were caught skipping class, Mr. Sorrels has no choice but to punish Tori for her irrational behavior...


4. Detention

This morning I didn't care what I looked like, I threw on a tie dye T-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants, I went to the bathroom and put my hair in a lopsided bun and left the makeup alone, If I was going to stay in school until 9:00pm I was going to be comfortable. I got in my car and showed up fashionably late like I always do, the day went slower than ever it was like the clock was broken, I would look at the clock at 11:37am put my head down for what seemed to be an hour look back up at the clock and it was 11:40am. Mr. Sorrels stood by my desk and eyed me all class period, 7th period was the same...dull. The last bell rang and I told Jolie to text me when the party ends, i said my goodbye and headed to the office...weird, the school seemed so peaceful without everyone in the hallways...so quiet. I stood outside the door and waited for the principal's call.

"please, come in miss Burnley"

I handed him my slip an he signed it.

"Room 521, young lady"

My heart shifted and my stomach dropped...Mr. Sorrels classroom number.

"There must be a mistake, that's Sorrels classroom."


I breathed deeply as Mr. Abernathy walked me down the halls. We reached Mr. Sorrels classroom and I immediately felt sick. Mr. Sorrels greeted the principal as I got in my desk, they whispered and shook hands before he had to go. Mr. Sorrels shut the door and went to his desk to finish his work. 3hours passed and not one word...and if there is one thing I hate more than Mr. Sorrels it's complete silence. I get up and walk to his desk, he doesn't look up.

"may I help you with something, miss Burnley?"

"Aren't you too young to even work here?"

"I'm 23 miss Burnley, perfect age"

perfect was an understatement, This man was beautiful.

"I'm bored, got anything that needs cleaning?"

He looked up and crossed his arms, he stood up and walked to the back cabinets, I followed close behind. He opened them and grabbed a old dirty cloth and furniture cleaner and gave them to me then went back to his desk. I stood on the counter and dusted off everything and put it back in its place, it looked nice. I put the cloth and cleaner away and went to his desk.

"done already?" 

I smiled and sat in the desk next to him. He didn't look up from the paper.

"I'm sorry for giving you a hard time, Mr. Sorrels"

He looked at me with soft eyes, unfamiliar to me. He stood up and so did I.

"you still haven't learned anything, you deserve greater punishment, the principal is sweet on you"



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