''Love isn't soft , like those poets say.Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close'' *Stephen King // Copyright@Bonnie Lovely// There was something about her... something that pulled him in. She seemed so familiar.And then she disappeared. One minute she was standing there, then the next there was just an oblivious crowd; the spot she was standing just a blank space. She'd only been there for only a second-maybe even less but he’d seen her. He was sure of it. . A part of him wanted to get out of his chair and race outside the Cafe and search the crowed until he found her but a another part of him-the rational part- told him that it had only been his imagination. That there’d been no one standing there. That it was all in his head….


4. *Chapter One


 ‘’Well…you look like shit’’ Mitchell  says sliding into the seat next to Christian. He winced as the sun hit his eyes and pushed the shades back up his nose. The shades were really dark; the kind of shades that made day look like pitch black night, but eve then his eyes still burned.

 He hadn’t gotten much sleep last night or the night before that. He’d practically rolled out of   bed hoping a quick shower would help. It didn’t. And neither had the Tylenol for his headache. He wasn’t even sure if his socks matched or if he had the same shoes on. He brushed his jet black hair out of his face in annoyance.

 He brushed his jet black hair out of his eyes in annoyance. The nightmares were getting worse. Worse than they’ve ever been. 

And of course he was very aware that he looked like shit. Christian raised his glass of water to his lips and sent a non-verbal fuck you with his other. 

Somehow he still tasted copper on his tongue…

 Michael smiled. It was Saturday. Out of habit Christian and Mitchel always meet here. The place had been called Café Black but after a few months it was soon changed to Nizer Café. Odd names but they served good coffee and had surprisingly good pastries -which was as good as a small town like this would get; a small town where everyone new everyone.

 Mitchel had been Christian’s first friend when he’d moved to Mystic Falls when he was six. When the Blake’s had adopted him. Weirdly enough if you looked at them all together you couldn’t tell that that they weren’t his real parents ; He looked a little like them with his dark black hair, cheekbones and pale skin, but the only difference was his eyes; while Sara  and Roberts eyes were blue his were a vivid green.  ‘’Hello. Anyone home. Earth to Christian.’’

 Christian looked over at Mitchel in dull surprise.  He’d zoned out…lost in his thoughts. ‘’What?’’

 ‘’I said are you still going?’’

 ‘’Going where?’’ Christian says a crease forming between his brows. Mitchel looked at him annoyed.  ‘’To Alyssa’s party on Friday. You said you’d go…’’


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