''Love isn't soft , like those poets say.Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close'' *Stephen King // Copyright@Bonnie Lovely// There was something about her... something that pulled him in. She seemed so familiar.And then she disappeared. One minute she was standing there, then the next there was just an oblivious crowd; the spot she was standing just a blank space. She'd only been there for only a second-maybe even less but he’d seen her. He was sure of it. . A part of him wanted to get out of his chair and race outside the Cafe and search the crowed until he found her but a another part of him-the rational part- told him that it had only been his imagination. That there’d been no one standing there. That it was all in his head….


1. Authors Note

Authors Note:



I wrote this just to see were it would go. Its still in progress  so there might be a few (or a lot of ) mistakes.. but if you do like this and genuinely don't mind the mistakes just comment. If you were confused about something again just comment ; l'll answer your questions gladly . Hell even if you don't like this just comment anyway. I want to know every ones opinions.. Second don't copy any of my work. This might've been an ''in the moment'' type thing, but that doesn't mean I didn't work my ass off on this. Umm..well I guess that's it. Now that I've talked you ear off to death i'll let you get on with the story. Enjoy! ;)




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