The Journey Of One Thousand Kills

Eren was a young boy who dreamed of joining the Scouting Legion. He would watch as the soldiers rode in from titan country on horseback. He knew some did not make it back. But the young boy had a dream. Read as Eren goes through a journey to join the Scouts. He wants revenge from the titans,he wants to slaughter every titan that he crosses path with. He finds he can turn into a titan by biting his right thumb. His journey is long. He loses friends and his mother. But he will do anything,to get his revenge.


5. The First One Abandonded

Armin was staring at Eren in fear of Mikasa being endangered and probably lost. Eren to took Armin's hand and ran for both of their lives. "MIKASA!? MIKASA!! MIKASA!!!" Eren was yelling. He felt tears but he did not show how he felt. Armin was crying, trying to scream out, but there were only results of very loud sobs. "Eren...." a voice said. "MIKASA!?" Eren shouted curiously. "E-Eren.....I'm......over here..." the voice was very light and gentle. "MIKASA! IS THAT YOU!?" Eren screamed and had tears falling from his eyes, these were tears of joy, not sadness. "Bricks...there are bricks piled on my leg, I cannot move my leg. I tried moving my leg once, but all I felt was a shock of pain." The voice said. "It's me Eren, Mikasa..." Mikasa was telling Eren. "MIKASA! ARE IN IN TALL GRASS? OR ON THE COBBLESTONE PATH?!" Eren was frantically asking questions. "WE JUST NEED TO FIND HER!" Armin had bounced into the conversation. "THAT IS WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO!!!" Eren yelled and Armin. "JUST HELP ME ALREADY! I FEEL THE GROUND BOUNCING!" Mikasa was yelling with tears flowing down her face. "I AM ON THE COBBLESTONE PATH!" Mikasa wanted help, and fast. Armin and Eren had found Mikasa and started throwing the bricks of her leg. Once they got all the bricks off, Mikasa stood, yet fell to the ground. "My leg," Mikasa spoke under her breath. "It can't move or else I am in a terribly sharp pain." Mikasa finished. Eren took Mikasa off her feet and started to run with Armin by their side. Thump, Thump , Thump. The ground was bouncing. The Military police caught Eren, Mikasa and Armin. The guards picked up all three children separately and put them on the same boat. Titans were taking over Wall Maria. The outside wall, known as Wall Maria was left abandoned.

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