The Journey Of One Thousand Kills

Eren was a young boy who dreamed of joining the Scouting Legion. He would watch as the soldiers rode in from titan country on horseback. He knew some did not make it back. But the young boy had a dream. Read as Eren goes through a journey to join the Scouts. He wants revenge from the titans,he wants to slaughter every titan that he crosses path with. He finds he can turn into a titan by biting his right thumb. His journey is long. He loses friends and his mother. But he will do anything,to get his revenge.


3. Authors Note

Hey guys! It's me, Coffee. I type on different devices, I might end up just doing this fanfic on my computer.

Because it is A LOT easier!  Any way,tell me what you think about this story. I only wrote two chapters because I wanted to know what you guys thought before I finished!


         Remember!!! This is my FIRST FANFICTION!

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