The Journey Of One Thousand Kills

Eren was a young boy who dreamed of joining the Scouting Legion. He would watch as the soldiers rode in from titan country on horseback. He knew some did not make it back. But the young boy had a dream. Read as Eren goes through a journey to join the Scouts. He wants revenge from the titans,he wants to slaughter every titan that he crosses path with. He finds he can turn into a titan by biting his right thumb. His journey is long. He loses friends and his mother. But he will do anything,to get his revenge.


2. A Sixty Meter Mistake

Eren had walked to Armin's place. It was pretty quiet on the walk there. But Eren enjoyed it being this quiet, he usually had to listen to Mikasa talk and talk. When Eren reached for the door,BANG. There was a loud sound, even worse, it was outside the walls. This meant bad news for Wall Maria. As Eren looked up, he saw a titan. Sixty meters tall. Eren

knocked on the door, "LET ME IN DANGIT!!' Eren screamed. "OPEN UP,RUN,OR WE WILL ALL DIE! COME,ON!" Eren finished in anger. The door opened, it was Armin. "Hey, might,leave...without us..." Armin said softly.

"WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS ARMIN! C'MON! WE NEED TO GO! THERE IS A SIXTY METER TITAN RIGHT OUTSIDE OF WALL MARIA!" Eren was screaming to the top of his lungs. "IT'S MY GRANDPA!" Armin had tears swelling into his eyes. "HE IS REALLY SICK! I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE HIM!" Armin had tears flowing down his face. Eren watched as Armin cried. Eren stood an the foot of the door, staring. "Armin, if anything happened to you, I would not forgive myself, you have to come to board the ships with us." Eren spoke to Armin gently. "Okay, but you promise we can take the book?" Armin held up the book about what it was like on the outside of the walls. "I promise..." Eren took Armin's wrist and started to run. The wall crashed down. "Mikasa..." Eren spoke under his breath..."WE HAVE TO GO GET MIKASA!!!" Eren looked at Armin in terror. Armin looked at Eren. "Oh no..." They both said...

                                                                                                                                                 To Be Continued.....

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