Dolls World

Mitsuki Mio is a sixteen year old girl living with her parents in Tokyo japan.With unusual blue hair the color of the ocean she had all her life it is hard for her to make friends or to gain the courage to talk with other people. Other than her parents and her stuff toy rabbit her life has always been so lonely until one day a swim in the ocean changes everything waves pick up and swallow her dragging her down. Mio suddenly finds herself falling in water deeper and deeper until she's falling from an unusual and unfamiliar sky. Meeting strange looking people and suddenly appearing in a place called "Dolls World" Where people pick their chosen blade and thrust their selves into battle to protect the innocent from the monsters and the demon overlord. Mio a shy timid girl now has many battles to face and many challenges but what happens when she falls in love with one of the demons dark knights?


1. Small Story

   A world so different from ours lies beyond the ocean’s waves, its beauty is so enchanting like a butterfly drawn to a flower’s endless beauty, However there is much more than meets the eye I’ve learned there is much more meaning to beauty then what really is.

     My name is Mitsuki Mio I’m sixteen years old. I live in a small worn down house in a populated city in Tokyo Japan Shibuya city. My family is not wealthy my parents work hard but only enough money to put food on the table and to buy the necessities. I have no friends and I have unusual long ocean blue hair. I’m an “Odd ball” People had said. I cannot help the way I was born either. My parents have always worried about my strange long blue hair what people would say how they would react but they reacted as my parents predicted, anytime I tried to make friends with the other kids their parents would always scream “What is wrong with that child?! It’s not normal keep it away from MY CHILDREN!”  I’ve never really talked to people I’m really only ever home I don’t go to high school either I’m home schooled my aunt teaches me everything I need to know.

    “Mio?” A familiar voice called out to me.

“Y-yes?” I stood up off the floor I placed my favorite manga “Love again” Down onto the floor.

“Ah there you are” My mother came into my room with a warm smile. I couldn’t help but notice the brown bad bag in her hands.

 “What’s that?” I asked her out of curiosity.

“Ah this? I’m glad you asked” She tucked her hand into the bag to pull something out. “It’s a bathing suit! Just for you, you like it?” She asked me as she waved the small blue suite around like a child.

 “Um…” I certainly did like it, it was cute and just my style it also looked like it would fit right on to my tiny body. “Yeah I do but why did you buy me a bathing suit?” Her eyes then glistened.

      “For you to wear of course” She ran over to where I was she swiftly pushed me into my small bathroom and tossed the bathing suit in with me. Then she shut the door. “Now try that on for size and then show me how you look!” She eagerly said.


      Try it on? I was supposed to try on a bathing suit to show mother? I guess it’s understandable she would want a daughter she can bond with to take out to places but that’s not me and sadly I don’t think it will ever be. I’ve let her down as a daughter. I did as I was told I squeezed on the tight skimpy little blue bathing suit. I stood to stare at my refection my lips curved down into a frown. “If only I had been born normally like everyone else” I muttered to myself. Then I could do more talk more go out more… Be a better and not so helpless daughter. I opened the door and glanced at mother who was sitting on the floor patiently waiting to see my appearance. “Umm…” I barely croaked before she turned. I stood clinging to the little frilly bathing skirt. She briskly stood up and raced right over towards me. I felt a rush of heat rise in my cheeks as she stared observantly.

    “Yes great! Beautiful most beautiful indeed” She said. She fluffed my long blue hair softly; she brushed it lightly then threw it up into a pony tail. “Here we are” She said. She opened up the brown bag once again and pulled out a black curly wig. Placing the wig on my head she did it skillfully. She’s always been so skillfully in attaching wigs, I’ve always had to hide away my hair from the world ever since that day. “Yep perfect now we are ready!” She cheerfully jumps up and down like a child then she tugs on my arm pulling me into the living room.

    “Honey we are ready get the keys!” Still she has ahold of my arm.

 “K-Keys? W-wait mother what’s going on?! When did father get home?” I asked desperately. I tried to pull free but mother wasn’t letting go. “M-Mother?” I asked again.

   “We are all going to the beach!” She said beaming me a smile. I stare at her dumbfounded.

  “Eh? The beach!? I-I can’t what if someone tries to talk to me or worse what if my wig decides to fall off- She places a soft skinny finger against my lips shushing me. 

 “No worry. “I and father are going to keep you safe no matter what you need the sun and a little bit of fun besides you never know there might be a cute boy there” She said this with slick smile.

 I blush uncontrollably visible “A-A cute boy!? That’s what I’m saying let me go already I’m not going!” I struggle to break free as soon as I finally do father comes from behind and lifts me up with his strong grip swiftly onto his shoulders. “EHH?” MY eyes widened.

  “Ready everyone? Let’s go have some fun at the beach!” Father’s musky voice was loud and clear he was ready and she was.

“EHHHHHHHHHHHHH?” I try to kick free but it didn’t work they hauled me off to the car and drove off as soon as we were in. There was truly no escape…


       The car stopped and we had arrived at the beach. There were so many people in the water swimming and playing, others were playing in sand building small and big sandcastles. There was also a volley ball field. Parents and adults mostly sat and lied on their towels getting a fresh burn tan. I haven’t been to the beach in a while so I was amazed by all the people here. Come to think of it I haven’t really been anywhere in a long time. We get out of the car. The sun beats down on me hard; I had almost forgotten the feeling of heat.

   “The beach we have arrived my family” Father shouts out with his hands high in the air.

“I can smell the fresh water already” Mother added on.

“U-Umm is it really okay?” I asked. My back was hunched and my head was pointed down. The fear of somebody seeing my ocean blue hair, it’s too much to bare it, along with the scorching heat.

    “Relax a little sweetheart I’ve covered you’re hair up securable, you should have a little bit of fun” Mother patted my head softly the feeling of her hands felt nice. I feel reassured now.


       We all headed out towards the ocean wearing sunblock prepared to get wet and to have a good time. Entering the water happily splashing we could already feel the fun. I could feel the cool icy bubbles of water hit my face lightly all over my body over and over. I splashed mother and father multiple times. Mother had an idea a game, the game of toss the ball back in forth “Monkey in the middle” We all agreed. Sad as it was I was the one in the middle. Father had tossed the big white ball to mother three times the fourth time I jump lifting my hand as high as I could I almost had it. Then father suddenly lifted me up from behind and threw me back into the water. I paddled back up fast. “That’s not fair! I said as I was puffing my cheeks. “I almost caught it!” I complained. He just laughed and stuck his tongue out like a child. “No rules in my game ha-ha” He laughed and threw the ball once more back at mother. I felt a small sweat break out “T-that’s not right” I muttered to myself. We were so loud too loud in fact a couple had joined a young couple and their son. It didn’t take long to learn their names either “Yagami hero” The father. “Yagami Nina “The mother and “Yagami Takumi” The son who looks around my age, We all splashed each other then we had played Marco polo, water tag, we built sand castles and buried each other in the sand. Takumi and I sat out for a break we talked and laughed and soon after we became good friends. My first friend I was nervous talking so I stuttered a bit but he didn’t seem to mind Laughing and having such a great time before we knew it time had passed by quick it was already seven o’clock. The Yagami family had left before us. I somehow got Takumi’s number although I don’t have a phone I guess we could contact each other some other way… Everybody was getting ready to leave It was getting late but we didn’t leave not yet. Mother and father wanted me to enjoy the day as much as I could of course there would always be tomorrow but who knows if I’d go tomorrow what if I had a test coming up? I’d need to study for it auntie was strict when it came to home schooling. Or what if I couldn’t talk to my new friend Takumi casually as I did today? I’m really weary all the time so what if I didn’t have the energy for the next time? After all I was forced into going today.


   Mother and father had sat out at one of the umbrella stands they were worn out I could tell. I was still swimming everybody had left so it was hushed. I could only feel and hear the waves faintly moving around. I turned myself upward held out my arms and began to float I let the water caress my back gently my wig stayed on my head throughout the day. It was fun… Being a normal person for once without people staring and calling me “Odd ball” or a “Freak” I held onto a faint smile then I let it go “Normal huh? What is normal?” I say quietly to myself. I close my crystal blue eyes then reopen them to stare into the evening sun. “Why was I even born?” A light tear glistened from my eye and rippled into the water.

   “Mio it’s getting late we should head back now” Mother hollered out to me.

I looked back at her wavering with the small waves. “Okay I’m coming now” I hollered back out to her. I was pretty far out.


      As I was begging to swim back to the surface I felt something shake beneath me in the water I looked down at my faint rippled reflection ,the waves picked up a bit slightly pushing me from side to side. I should get out now I don’t have such a good feeling about this… I swam a bit faster trying to reach shore as soon as possible. I stopped in my tracts as I saw my parents face. Their eyes were widened much too big for their face and they had looked desperate. My mother who was always carefree and happy and my father who was always showing a sign of no weakness those expressions were not right it didn’t match their usual selves.

“MIO!” Mother called out desperately she started running towards the water as did father.

   “MIO SWIM MOVE IT NOW!” Father’s loud scary deep and demanding voice was enough to make me swim involuntarily.

      I swam fast as fast as I could I didn’t look so I had no idea of what was coming a shark? Or perhaps a dangerous fish the curiosity was killing and while swimming I had turned my head swiftly like an idiot to see what was ghastly approaching me. But it wasn’t a shark neither was it a fish. It was a wave a huge wave the size of a ship. The wave had looked like it could have flooded the area we lived in. My eyes widened and I swam more swiftly then before but it was no use anyone with a brain could tell that I was not going to make it before this crazy wave would swallow me whole drowning me. I could see father rushing rapidly running in the water than swimming. He is swimming fast but not fast enough. I’ve run out of breath I can no longer swim I can no longer stay afloat and with everything going on so fast so sudden my eyes began to become hazy I can see but at the same time I cannot. I hear the rush of the ocean wave approaching and in one instant it swallow’s me whole the harsh hit from behind drug me down spun me around taking me every which way I cannot breath I cannot fight for my life. With my hand covering my mouth it’s still no use there was not enough air no way to escape I uncovered my mouth I began to open my eyes just barely the salt water had burned too much to open them enough to see where I was but I knew I was drowning I had gave up hope and I let the ocean waves take me…


    Floating… Am I floating or falling. Am I dead? Water I can feel water…

I open my eyes slowly a sky I can see light white clouds and a blue sky. Is this heaven? I then came to my senses and my eyes widened. “This can’t be heaven! And if I’m dead why can I see and feel?!” I turn my glance to the side shockingly I see a town an old town like the towns that had been from the older days. “Wait how can I breath under water?!” I panic and as I do I’m suddenly falling instead of floating.

 “KYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!” I’m screaming out loud. Everything is so confusing where I am?! And how did I get here? Those questions were all that were revolving inside my head now.

   I’m falling fast uncontrollably. Still screaming I fall out of the water. It was a huge water bubble a floated in the sky that I had fallen out of. How? Spinning down and up multiple times I couldn’t stay straight. I could feel myself feeling sick. But more importantly I’m going to die! If I’m not already I am falling from this height I’m sure to lose a bone or two.

  “KYAAAAAAAAAAA! HELP ME!!!” I screamed out for my life. I hit something soft yet hard and itchy. I’ve landed… One a huge tree branch…

   “Eh? W-what’s going on?” I lifted myself up for a brief moment then I tilted over to find a way down as I tired I fell and hit my behind hard. “OUCH!” I cried out. “Where is this place?” I stand to see where I was. But it was clear I was in a forest. It wasn’t scary but I still didn’t want to be there. I gasped looking for breath as I seen the beauty of the deep forest more clearly. Bright fresh green trees stood tall and stiff, birds tending to their little ones, the grass was as green as a healthy plant and the flowers bloomed in many colors. I saw a faint glimpse of a colorful and most beautiful butterfly. “B-beautiful” My eyes enlightened and a smile grew pleasantly on my face.

 “THEY WEN”T THERE!” Voices ringed out violently.


    I turned my glance toward the voices of what sounded like men. Horses I could hear horses too. Maybe they could help me… the sound of thrusting footsteps approached me louder and louder. “HEY OVER HERE” I yelled out waving my hands back in forth “Can you guys help me? “I asked as the approached closer “YOU THERE!” A man in dark clothes called out to me. They looked like knight’s armor riding their horses.

“E-eh?” A Nervous smile appeared on my face. C-cosplay they are really dressed up! He’s being kind of scary they look like trouble too. I turn slowly and nervously walk. “S-sorry maybe you can’t help me after all… B-bye now”

   A glistering light suddenly shined before my eyes alongside a blade. I jolted. He held a sword out to my neck. Sweat broke out endlessly. I rose my hands up in surrender.

 “What strange clothes WHO ARE YOU?” The man asked scorching his eyebrows down.

“U-Um… I’m- The man stopped my words and abruptly spoke before I had the chance to say who I was.

 “Are you a doll?!” He rose his blade closer to my neck I could feel the chill of the frightening blade. “You must be. You must know where the others are, the other dolls!?” He yelled.

 “D-Dolls? What do you mean?” As I had asked what that frightening man had meant about dolls he looked like his patience was running low.

    “NEVER MIND YOU”LL COME AS A PRISONER! THEN YOU WILL TALK” The man pierced my ears with his loud and scary voice. He extended his arm out to grab me.


      As he tried to grab me we heard something play something soft and high keyed. It was a flute playing peacefully in such a beautiful forest. But who was playing it? I looked around out of curiosity. The tree it was coming from the tree. It played once more so soft and it had enticed me entirely.

  “WHO ARE YOU? COME OUT SHOW YOURSELVES” The howled out to the mysterious person play such a beautiful melody.

“AGHHHHHHHHH” A voice screamed out in such pain.

   I jolted looking back quick. I saw blood one of the men were injured bad on his stomach he must have been stabbed. Involuntarily I let out a scream “KYYYYAAAAAAAA” I covered my eyes and slumped to the ground like a scared little girl. What is going on? Why am I here? I should be with mother and father not this place!

  “Look out little girl” A voice of what sounded like a women said.

“O-okay!” I said back. I ran behind one of the tall sturdy trees were I was safe. 

     Are these people helping me? I cling to the tree tightly. I hear a rustle from above. I turn my glance up. Someone jumps down covering my eyes with their pair of hands. I can’t scream this person has covered my mouth as well. I squirm around until I’m freed but a reassuring voice whispers out. He uncovers my mouth.

   “Do not struggle little one. Do not watch the blood or battle if you’re frightened” The voice was so gentle sweet. I had not worried this person was kind and caring I could tell. I just nodded instead of speaking. I could hear the screaming of the men the men who had threatened me with their blades. I covered my own ears tightly with my small frail hands.


        A reassuring tap on my shoulder had made me uncover my eyes and to thank the kind person who had kindly covered my eyes from bloodshed. I turned my glance at a tall sturdy young man. I felt myself blushing as I saw his almond shaped eyes the color of the night blue sky. His face was beautiful it had looked like an angels. I was truly stunned by his beauty. The words didn’t come out as I had planned.

    “T-T-thank Y-you…” I nervously and timidly said to him. He had shown a warm tender smile.

“No problem little one” He said back.

   “So that’s it huh?” The same women’s voice spoke out. I look over to where she was. She was also beautiful and tall. She didn’t look worried at all she took on all those men at once. Is she a ninja? “Those were only thee low ranks. Guess the demons nights aren’t going to show themselves today lets head back now Kazuya. “Demon knights?” I asked puzzled by such words.

 “The dark knights you’re kidding me you have not heard of them? Were you just born or something? She asked placing her hands on her slender hips. “And by the way those are some strange looking clothes why wear such skimpy clothing?”  She pointed directly towards my bathing suite. I look down at my body and just remember I’m still in my bathing suit. “Eh? Skimpy. My bathing suit you mean” She now looked puzzled. “You bathe in clothes?” She asked. I shook my. “No I just swim in it…” Has she never been swimming before? “Hmm strange well where are you headed?” She looked back at me. Oh yeah that’s right maybe they could help me “I-I’m headed to Shibuya city could you possibly help I think I somehow got lost in the mountains…” However it does not seem possible to fall from water in sky I’m starting to lose hope of finding a way back…

  “Shibuya city? Where is that? I’ve never heard of it before” She replied back to me as if she really didn’t know of the place I was talking about. She looked back at the young beautiful man whose name seemed to be kazuya. “How about you kazuya heard of it?” She crossed her arms raising a brow. But kazuya just shook his head clueless as to what she repeated. They really have no clue? If that’s so just exactly where am I? Because it’s definitely not home I could tell somehow the memory of just a while ago replayed in my head like a short film I was swept away by the oceans waves and I had ended up somewhere else somewhere far from home somewhere mother and father were not. A swift pat on the back had brought me back to what seemed like reality. The women winked and smiled out to me “You seem a little lost maybe you should come back with us huh?” I tilted my head up towards the women reassuringly. “R-really?” I asked. Fidgeting with my fingers I couldn’t stop I’m still nervous when it comes to talking…

 “Really” She smiled. “My name is Yukio I’m a doll No. 3” She proudly stated.

“She’s right you know” Kazuya smiled secondly I melted from that sweet tender smile. “Oh I’m kazuya I’m also a doll No. 4” He smiled once more bowing down.

 “D-Dolls?” That’s right that group of men had mentioned that too! Could they perhaps be the- the dolls they were looking for? “Umm… What exactly are dolls?” I asked. Their eyes widened in such disbelief.

     Yukio quickly approached me observantly studying me closely. Scratching the back of her head she looked back at me and sweat dripped down from my face. “Are you sure you didn’t happen to hit your head or something?” She asked. “What person of this world has never heard of us dolls?” Looking back at kazuya she had such a puzzled expression. Kazuya couldn’t seem to think straight either then he had widened his almond eyes once more. “Are you from here at all miss? What is your name?” He asked me peering closer to my face.

 “M-Mitsuki Mio… I-I don’t think I’m from here…” I wasn’t lying because I didn’t know.

“That could explain it” Kazuya said looking back at yukio.

   “H-how is that even possible? The portals been closed for nearly a decade!” She slumped to the ground in disbelief bewildered by the truth as was I.

    “Yeah. The possibility is true though” Kazuya said in a serious manner. He put his hand to his chin.

   “S-so… How do I get back home?” I asked. I turned my glance at Kazuya who seemed smarter than Yukio. “Do you know?”

  “I don’t really know…” He said. “But there is a possibility Jin might know how”


      My sulky face had suddenly turned to hope as I heard him say “Might know how” Maybe there was still a possibility of me returning home. If I really had come from a magic portal that would explain a lot I couldn’t act out either no matter how crazy the situation was the best I could do was stay calm or everything would seem hectic. “Yeah! Wait a go Kazuya!” Yukio slapped Kazuya on the back as if he said something smart. “Jin will definitely know! So shall we head back?” She asked energetically. He nodded as did I then we all three made our way down the enchanting forest. I still didn’t know much about where I was or if it had been the past or not I still trusted the two people called “Dolls” They had saved me and I was grateful and had no other choice.


    There was a wooden bridge that had been not too far from us. Yukio pointed to the bridge “That’s our path hope you’re not scared of heights” She said with a stretched grin. “N-no” I wouldn’t admit I was I didn’t even know myself I hadn’t been on anything high for nine years.

    “Alright glad to hear it! Let’s go everyone” Yukio marched forward with the most positive attitude I had ever seen.

  “Let’s” Kazuya added on nodding. He turned to look at me who was standing behind him clenching to my bathing suit top. “If you get a little freighted you can hold my hand I’ll protect you Mio “He said beaming a warm smile.

   “Y-yes!” I yelled out like a bashful idiot. Kazuya… He’s really kind. A faint smile appeared on my face my cheeks heated up and I was now slowly wobbling.

     What… What is this feeling? Is it because he was kind to me or because he said my name? “Alright I’m going first!” Yukio hollered out. She was amazingly braze alongside her backflips she had been doing across the bridge she was reckless but good. “Haha. That’s Yukio for you shall we go next Mio?”  AHH It happened again my head was getting dizzy. He had said my name twice now! That was enough to make me fall over it had been the first time any guy had actually called me by my first name and it was embarrassing.

  “Are you guys coming or what?” Yukio shouted out on the other side of the bridge.

“Yes” Kazuya called back out.


    I didn’t take hold of Kazuya’s hand when he held it out. If I had I’d fear of passing out from embarrassment the moment I did and I couldn’t have that. I brushed his hand away timidly then walked before him. The bridge had been so high up in the mountains the fear of falling was relentless in my heart. I couldn’t back down not now I had to be brave be strong if I would ever make it back home. I trembled slowly grabbing the slight thin golden rope. Kazuya noticed as I was shaking he held out his hand before but I didn’t take I couldn’t risk it. Instead I put on a brave face. I took small baby steps shaking with every step. So this had been real height’s so far up a single mistake of falling could kill you. With the thought of falling I slumped to the bridges wood.

    “I-I – I Can’t do it!” I cried out in fear.

“Then take my hand Mio” Kazuya gently held his hand out to me again.

   “K-Kazuya… Thank you” In such a quivering voice I had said. I was blushing uncontrollably.


     As I reached for Kazuya’s hand an abrupt sound had hit and shook the bride suddenly causing me to scream. There had been nothing but smoke on the bridge. We couldn’t see a thing.

    “MIO KAZUYA YOU GUYS OKAY?!”  Yukio screamed out worried.

“YEAH” Kazuya said back.


       His voice wasn’t too far he seemed close. I reached out my hand to grab Kazuya’s but instead I found my hand clutching to a cold and what felt like a steel chain. As the smoke began to die down I could see a bit more clearly. I had grabbed a chain It had been a pocket chain but it wasn’t Kazuya’s.

   “K-…Kazuya-Kun?” My voice shockingly called out.

“What? Kazuya-Kun?” A sharp deep voice spoke out.


       I elevated my head up. My two eye’s had widened. The man who stood before me wasn’t Kazuya at all. He looked much more wild and carefree. His face, clothes and posture stood out that way. I jolted. I dropped my hands immediately from his black pocket chain. He looked scary and troublesome. Involuntarily I had apologized.

    “I-I’m so sorry! I thought you wer-“I could suddenly hear Kazuya’s angel soft voice abruptly shouting out.

“Mio-Chan! Are you okay?!” Kazuya’s eyes suddenly met with mine.

   “K-Kazuya-Kun…” His angels gaze reassured me.


     Kazuya’s eyes promptly met with the wild man’s eyes. Kazuya then glared. Kazuya instantly ran to where I was. I just looked at both of them puzzled. Did Kazuya know this man? But when I had called out to Kazuya the man claimed he didn’t know of that name… what exactly was going on? The man had an unconcerned and uninteresting expression on his face. Kazuya approached me. He grabbed my arm and had swiftly pulled me back behind him.

  “Run” He had said.

 “E-eh?” I couldn’t say anything more. Baffled by his sudden word I just stood there.

     “RUN MIO!” He now screamed. The wild man had a now captivating look in his eyes.

“Y-yes!” I said. I ran as I was ordered too.


   If Kazuya was worried then that man had to of been trouble. Rapidly picking up my speed I could see Yukio hold out her hand to me. I was running out of breath quick but I had to keep going. I had also forgotten about the overbearing height of the bridge It hadn’t mattered now. Sweat dripped from my face. Still running I had grabbed the rope in case something had happened. Yukio was closer now so without thinking I jumped the rest of the way as I did something swiftly appeared before me blocking me. Hitting my head and collapsing back on my behind I turned my glance up. To my surprise it had been that wild looking guy again.

    “E-Eh?! W-w-What do you want?”  I managed to say.

“You, You are not a doll are you?” Cold and sharped voice he had said this.

I shook my head. “Why did you suddenly jump out W-where’s Kazuya-Kun?!”

   “Kazuya? Oh you mean the guy who just lashed out at me. He’s over there” Pointing a little ways down the bridge Kazuya had laid unconscious.

 I gasped. “What did you do to him?!”

    “Nothing really”

       My eye’s widened and I tried to go to Kazuya but the wild man had grabbed my arm and yanked me back hard. “Hey. What are you?” He asked. I couldn’t speak neither could I look into his wild covered eye’s. Could he really tell I wasn’t one of these people just by looking? If I told him the truth that I was from the portal what would happen? I looked over at Yukio who vanished from her spot.

   “DOLL SPEAR” Yukio voice called out. “ACTIVATE!”

“DOLL ARROW” I looked over at Kazuya who had seemed revived. “ACTIVATE”


      A light had flashed both Yukio and Kazuya. I stared amazed by the colors.

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