Super stardom


1. starting out

My names is Alexia. I'm in this band called All Electric. It's not the best name for a band but it's all we got. I'm in a band full of boys. 3 boys. It's annoying to have them around 24/7 but they're honestly the best friends ever. We had this amazing chance to tour with Demi Lovato and we took it. Now, we are pretty famous. We're gonna go on this tour just around Canada (home country) and then we'll see what happens from there. But first, we agreed to be the opening band for the 5sos tour. Yes I said 5SOS!!! I have looked up to them ever since their first album was released. They are all so amazing and really cute too!!! I'm actually 16 now which means I'm too young to be with any of them which is sad but at least I'll get to meet my idols!!! I might even get to hang out with them and we could become buds and it would just be so amazing as you can tell from my total excitement!!

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