Two homo doges(I spelled that wrong for a reason), Shibe and Hus, from the not-so-popular video game Pom Gets Wifi, spend Christmas together in heaven. However, Shibe is very sad that he is dead and misses his owner, and Hus tries to comfort him.


1. Hus

*Shibe's POV*

I've really been missing earth lately. Dog heaven is so different, and I miss my master. I look down at her through the glass often, and sometimes I pretend that I'm still with her as I watch. I miss the warmth of our kitchen, I miss the smell of our home, I miss the belly rubs. 

One day, I was looking down at master fondly, when I felt a paw on my shoulder. "Hey, Shibe." 

It was Hus. "H-Hus... What are you doing here?" I asked, turning to face him.

His eyes were big and full of concern. "You've been acting kind of... sad lately... I came to see whats up." He replied, walking over to stand next to me.

He looked down at my master. "Is that... your master?" He asked slowly.

I nodded, trying to hold back tears. "She was the best."

Hus sighed sympathetically. "I know how you feel. I missed my master when I first came here, too. I still check up on her a bit, but I've come to accept that I'm dead."

"I don't think I'll ever be able to do that." I said.

Hus looked at me sadly for a moment. "I know that can be hard, Shibe... Is there anything I can do?"

I looked up at Hus for a moment. "Hus... I- I... You don't need to help me, I'm f-fine... Really."

Hus nodded suddenly wrapped his paws around me. "I understand. I just want you to know I'm here for you." He whispered.

I let a tear escape me and burrowed my head into Hus' shoulder. "Thanks."

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