Austin And Ally book 1

It's been 10 years after Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez graduated high school. What adventures will they go on? Read and find out.


1. Austin Moon

After high school, Ally and I got married, before she went to college. We moved to California after we graduated college and began to live our life. We are now 28 years old. Trish and Dez got married, I know, you might be thinking? Dez and Trish? Married? What the what? But they are a good couple. They have a two year old son Desmond. Dez loves Miami, and decided to buy a beach house there in the summer. Trish went to college for business and marketing and now she's a professional manager. She actually won Manager of the year four times in a row. Dez is a stay at home dad. Ally and I have two little girls, Aubrey and Becca. They are four years old. Ally and I still take tours. We take our family with us. Trish and Dez also come with us. Ally is very popular with the young girls. She opened a school of music for all ages. I was listening to Ally talking when four eight year old girls came in. they told us that Ally inspired them and they want to know everything Ally knows. Ally has really blosomed in the past ten years. Being a mother of twins, has made her change in a good way. I am really proud of her.

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