Death by the book


2. what's happening in this world

The others. Mark, Olivia and Sally. There all gone. They came with me. To this hell hole 10 years ago. We were all 11 years old.

I remember them well. Mark was a skinny boy, green eyes, tan skinned, and short blonde curly hair. Which used to shine in the sun. But after only 3 weeks here, it lost its shine. Olivia, was beautiful. An hourglass figure, Long silky thin red hair. Yes a classic red hair girl, tanned skin,freckles and bright blue eyes. That brought happiness to us all. But as with Marks hair. Only lasted a few weeks before they lost the brightness.

And Sally, Sally,Sally. The baby. She was brought in right when she was born. She also had blue eyes, pale skinned and straight blonde hair. Mark and Olivia thought that it was there "child" and decided that they were going to be her parents.

And then there was me, my name is Mary. I have pale skin, I also had an hourglass figure, green eyes and black long hair. Which is always up in a braid. We were the only ones here. So the four of us got along real quick. Olivia put the label of Sally's aunt on me. I couldn't care less. But when I saw sally the first time. I loved her. So from then on I was always by her side.

But it didn't last long, we had peace for the first month. But after that we were taken from the dark room with no windows and doors. To be used for what we were brought here for.

The ones who brought us wore white long jackets with glasses. On that day we knew what we were to them. Test subjects. We never knew what they were doing to us. But they made us take pills,a lot of them. and do many excises until we dropped. They did experiences on use, give us shots. twice a day, whatever was in the liquid was lime green. And didn't look good. The side effects of these were many things. Mark one of his eyes turn black. his tan skin turned gray. Olivia had her red hair turn into the color purple, her tanned skinned turned pale. Both of my eyes turned black, and I would start bleeding out of my arms for no reason! Sally wasn't old enough for the test.

And the things, that brought us here told us that she would start at the age of five. Me and Mark named them the demons.

So for 8 long years the same results of the first year stayed. But when Sally started. Her blonde hair turned blue and both eyes to gray. And finally after 9 years, we gave up on escape, the toture just got worse and worse. Until Olivia snapped. She stole one of the knifes from outside and hide it in the room and when we all were asleep. She left us, gave up on life and the only thing we had left was the weapon of self destruction. Mark took it the hardest, he loved Olivia, so when she left us. He separated from us. The tests continued, Mark didn't even last three months.

"Mark where are you!" I shouted, no response.

"This isn't funny, you promised Sally a story tonight!" This there was no response. Then after looking around I found him, at least his body.

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