Death by the book


3. that's it I'm done

"Mark!" I screamed, I was shocking his body. he still had his eyes closed."Mark, this isn't funny anymore! What's Sally gonna think. You can't leave too!" I continued screaming, hot fresh tears running down my face. The demons must of heard me, cause I heard them coming behind me.

" What's that!" One yelled.

"Must be subject 6. Subject 3 is all ready in the room." another yelled. The footsteps came closer. I could hear the heavy breaths and the echoes. I didn't care, even with staying here they would beat me down. I just didn't care.

"Mark! Come back, there coming right now! They will be he-re any s-second" I started to chock on my tears.

"There she is! Subject 6 what the fuck are you doing out here!" One demon said. There here.

"What's that with it! It's subject 11, what's it doing." Were 'its' to them. Why is the world so heart less. One of them grabs me and pulls me back. I kick and scream.

"Subject 11, is gone. what a shame" what a shame. What a shame! They have no right to think that about Mark!

"You fuckers!"I screamed at them. There grip on me loosened. There faces looked shocked. I broke free from there grip. "You have no fucking right to think its a lose! This is because of you shit heads!" I was losing it, I was going to let them know how I feel. "Mark and Olivia, there both gone. Because of you! I fucking hate you. What are we here for! Are we your play toys? Just for you to fuck around with!" The demons jumped me, I punched and kick, screamed in there faces. going full out on these mother fuckers. They deserve to feel all the pain that we all left for the past 9 years times 10!

"Quick take her out" one of the demons screamed. I was done now. Then I felt something go through my skin and I left tired.

"Bring her back to the room. And take the body outside" one demon said, my vision then went black.

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