Death by the book


5. no

The day went on like it usually does. Almost dying with the fucking test they do on us. they even tried to get Sally to do mikes tests for him! They would be dead before they could do that to her.

"Mary?" Sally whispered, in her chair that we were strapped into before we had our shots for the day."What were you hiding under your bed today?" Sally questions.

"Shut it!" I half whispered half yelled, "we can't talk about that here." I stared at her. Sally nodded to say she understand. But then a sign of pure horror come into her eyes. And I turned around to see the same demon that stopped me last night from, ripping each of there faces off last night.

"Hello, how did both of you sleep tonight?" The demon questioned, smiling like a idiot, "I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Nathan, you can call me Nate." This demon named Nate smiled at me and Sally. Does he honestly think we would give a word to this bitch!

"Why are you here?" I stared at the man, wanting answers.

"My,my you can talk.."he stared with a shocked face.

"You think we can't fucking talk! Where human to you know! Unlike you!" I shouted at Nate.

"That's exactly my point, Mary was it"

He said grabbing a chair that was in the room, and sat next to where me and Sally were strapped in.

"W-what do you mean we're not human?" Sally questioned, looking at Nate

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