Love at first sight

Kayli has moved to Sydney, Australia for her birthday with her brother Xavier. He gets her tickets to 5sos and they go. Will she find the love of her life or will it go down hill ?


6. hanging out part 2

"There here", heaven yelled

"Ok here I come", I yelled

I ran downstairs and saw heaven, luke, and Michael.

"Hey",I said

"Hi love", Michael said

Omg I thought in my head did he really just call me that.

"Hi", luke simply said

I directed them to the couch and sat down and so did they.

Luke sat beside heaven and Michael sat beside me. My heart started racing.

"So"Michael said.

I giggled and luke was just staring at heaven I'm pretty sure he likes her!

"What do yall want to do", I said


"Go on a date with you" I murmured so she couldn't hear me.

"What was that" she said

" nonthing" I said and blushed and so did she. If only she knew how i felt.

"Ok, um let me think we can go for a swim"she said

"Yea I would love too" luke butted in.

"Ok Kayli can I borrow a bathing suit", heaven asked.

"Yea lets go get dressed" Kayli said

"Um I guess well just wear the shorts we are wearing right now", I said

They ran up stairs.


"Heaven I think luke likes you" I said exited

" I don't know, but what about Michael", she said

" shut up", I said

We both ran down stairs. We didn't see the boys anywhere.

We walked out side.

" where are they" heaven asked

Before we could answer we both got pushed in the pool.

" I can't swim" heaven yelled

Of course I knew she was lying.

Luke jumped in after her and pulled her out and looked in her eyes.

Heaven reached up and kissed him.

Omg I wish I had the nerve to do that to Michael so much. Michael looked at me and smiled! My face got hot.

"How did you like the mouth to mouth", heaven said

I giggled because of the clever word play. Then Michael jumped in and swam to me.

"So" he said

"So, I said

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