Love at first sight

Kayli has moved to Sydney, Australia for her birthday with her brother Xavier. He gets her tickets to 5sos and they go. Will she find the love of her life or will it go down hill ?


5. hanging out part 1

My phone rang and I picked it up.

It was heaven.

*hey heaven*

*hey kayli*

*do you want to come to my house*

*sure be over in 10*

I walked over to the closet and got my converse, hoody and jean shorts.

About ten minutes later heaven came over and we sat on the couch.

"Hey", heaven said

"Hey, so what do you wanna do", I said

"I don't know", she said

"How about i invite Michael", I asked

"Sure",she said

I texted Michael

*hey this is Kayli, do you wanna come over*

*yea be over in 10 but I have to bring luke is that ok*

*yea I have a friend heaven over too*

*ok bye*

"Michael and luke are come over",I said

"Ok, wait who is luke",she asked

"He's michaels friend",i said

Heavens P.O.V

Luke was michaels friend. I wander if he is hot? Mhmm.

Ten minutes later we heard a knock in the door.

"I'll get it", I said

I opened the door and saw luke standing their with his dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a lip pearcing just like me!!!

Lukes P.O.V

This girl opened the door and had brown hair, big beautiful brown eyes and a lip ring exactly like me! Wow was that a sight.

"Hey I'm luke", I said

"Um hi I'm heaven",she said

Me and Michael walked in. Heaven was wearing a lime green crop top and short shorts and I could see alittle of her ass. Her belly button was pierced.

"Are you starring at my ass luke" she asked

"No" I lied and blushed

She smiled and blushed

Kaylis P.O.V

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