True love

Ally Clark is an average 17 year old girl, her parents divorced because her father was an alcoholic, she moves from New York City to Stratford Ontario for her moms new job at a bank, let's see what's in store for ally in the new town!


3. Three


justins POV


right as I get home from my tour I have about a to four week before we continue the second leg of the tour, right as I get home and think I'm gonna relax my mom demands I go and greet the new neighbours, I realize that it's just gonna take 2 seconds to bring the muffins my mom made me and I rush upstairs and grab the basket and calmly walk over to my neighbours house, I ring the doorbell and head some thumping from the other side I ignore it and the door opens really fast to reveal a light brown haired girl with the most gorgeous green eyes and perfect height! I get knocked out of my thoughts when the petite girls says hello, i realize how long I've been staring and look down and blush and say hi, she said "what brings you here" I quickly remember the muffins and hand them to her and say "looks like I'm your neighbour" she smiles and blushed, she takes the basket with her perfect petite hands and welcomes me inside, she puts the basket down on the counter and she says "I don't mean to be rude or seem annoying and what not but are you justin bieber, as in the singer and stuff" I smile and let out a chuckle, I nod my head, she smiles and to be honest she's very attractive! I ask her if I could show her around the city and she smiles. We leave her kitchen and grab our shoes, I havemy red supras and she just has a pair of white converse, to be honest I'm really exicted to see what happens between us






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