I am

"She was made out of pure spirit and life. A star on earth. Yet a hurricane in space. Cassiopeia Turow was different."
I am a girl who dared to dream. I am someone who sought adventure. I am a person who will learn and thrive and satisfy curiosity. These are all qualities most people share. But most people can't say that they overthrew a monarchy or helped burn down the world.


38. "This was her definition,"



“This was a definition of a moment, a snapshot, a moment which would pave the future.”

“This was her definition, although it was a gruesome one.”


A few hours ago.

High Street, Queens.


Time slowed in Cassiopeia’s eyes. Her ears did not hear the sound as the gun was fired. It watched as the bullet threw itself out of the chamber, eager to strike and maim. She felt the recoil push her backwards, her resolve wavering to keep the gun steady. She watched as the world narrowed to a pinpoint, only including herself and Lucian.

The bullet flew through the air in an arc, a beautiful, deadly arc. It seemed to dawdle, to be idle, as though it was enjoying the journey.

She watched at it burrowed itself in Lucian’s chest, three centimetres from his heart. Three centimetres out of aim. He was flung back just a little, his face going lax in shock as the snarl deformed. Blood blossomed like a flower on his chest. Like a poppy hung on his chest.

Poppies were Cassiopeia’s favourite flower. They reminded her of home.

It took a second for the pain to register on Lucian’s face, his mouth opening to cry, his eyes swivelling to somewhere beyond Cassiopeia. His mouth formed a word, a single word, which Cassiopeia couldn’t hear.

Her heart was so loud. It overtook everything.

Lucian fell, his body falling to the ground under the weight of the bullet in his chest.

This was her definition. This was what she was now known for.

The gun was dropped from her hand.

Time sped up. It clattered on the floor with a sound. Her heart rate allowed other sounds to creep in. There was hysteria around her. People swarmed around them.

At the forefront of the people was a familiar face with an expression of full frontal anguish as he rushed to Lucian’s side.



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