Beauty and the Millionaire

A rich businessman with a cold heart. He doesn't want love or a family. All he cares about is money and power.

A talented writer with a romantic soul. She doesn't want her parent's money because all she longs for is the love of a man who lives in her stories, as well as to succeed.

When she gets an important call and goes to New York, the two of them meet. Although at first it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common, slowly but surely they become close.

But then a big secret gets revealed and everything suddenly changes.

Can somebody really change because of love or is it something that only happens in romance novels?

One thing is certain - this is not a typical love story because they are not typical people.


4. Are you stalking me?

''Are you sure she's going to be there?'', he asked his assistant with evident frustration lacing his voice.

''Unless they change their plans, I'm very certain.'', she answered politely.

''How did you manage to find out?'', Zayn didn't really care, but he did want to check if Hillary was telling the truth or if she was lying because she didn't want to lose her job.

It was needless to say that distrust was in the core of his being.

''I googled Miss Hayes and when I hit a dead end I remembered that lawyer Stark mentioned that Miss Hayes was her friend. Of course, once I realized that, it was pretty easy to find Cynthia Stark since she's pretty much all over the internet. I checked her social media and got lucky I guess.'', Hillary was trying extremely hard to hide the annoyance she was feeling towards her boss, but as always, it was nearly impossible to hide something from Zayn, he was very discerning, ''Miss Stark posted - After a year, the girl squad is finally together! Are you ready for a crazy night at 'Veil'?'', she finished reading the status from her phone.

''You can go.'', was all Zayn said after the explanation.

His employees learned a long time ago not to expect any words of praise or encouragement from their boss. Although he was honestly impressed with Hilary's ingenuity, it wasn't in his nature to express that kind of emotion. Then again, not everybody could work for him. All of his employees were highly educated and very bright people and since Zayn always gave his maximum, he expected nothing less from the people he was hiring.

''Louis?'', he barged into his best friend's office, only to catch him in a compromising pose with one of their secretaries.

Lou didn't react at all, since it didn't bother him the slightest that Zayn caught them. They've been through too much together for him to feel embarrassed by something so small, but that's why the girl was more than afraid, as she started getting dressed with panic written all over her attractive face.

She stuttered, trying to apologize, which made Louis smirk evilly, as he started getting dressed himself. He was enjoying this too much.

The whole situation was pretty amusing to Zayn too, just watching her squirm and try to get out of this, only for her, embarrassing situation. She feared for her job, but Zayn was already accustomed to Louis' weakness towards beautiful women. He didn't want to lose a good employee only because of his best friends' charm and sexual appetite.

''Get out.'', Zayn said imperturbably.

''You didn't have to be so rude.'', Lou reprehended him, ''I was planning on seeing her tonight.'', he frowned.

''Was she that good?'', Zayn raised an eyebrow.

''You have no idea.'', Louis replied through a boyish smile.

''How many times do I have to tell you to lock the door?'', it was now Zayn's turn to scold Lou.

''And how many times do I have to remind you that you're the only one that doesn't knock? Nobody but yourself comes barging in without permission.'', he rolled his eyes.

''Fine, do whatever you want. Just don't blame me if I'll have to fire some poor girl, because one of the senior associates caught you.'', Zayn warned him.

''They're hardly poor. It's not like I'm forcing them to do anything.''

''You don't say? Have you met you?'', Zayn started with the teasing, ''I have never met a girl who, one way or another, didn't fall under the 'Louis Tomlinson' spell.''

''Never say never.'', Louis fired back, ''After all, no woman has ever said no to you either, except for Violet Hayes of course.'', he poured salt straight onto Zayn's biggest wound.

It automatically threw him into a bad mood. Every since Violet turned him down that afternoon, he wasn't able to stop thinking about her. He was never as humiliated as he was when she turned around and walked away.

He came to the conclusion that she was a very good actress. Pretending to be all demure and vulnerable, when she was the exact opposite.

She liked playing games? Well tonight he was going to give her exactly what she asked for.

''Speaking of Violet.... Hillary found out where they're going tonight. If you had plans, cancel them.''

''Where are we going?'', Louis was curious.

A night out meant that he'd be surrounded by more than enough women, so it was guaranteed that he'll be taking home at least one of them.

''They're going to 'Veil'.'', he smirked.

'' Excellent! Are we going before or after them?'', he wanted to know.

A long time ago, the two of them developed a system by which they functioned when going out was involved. They had clubs all over the city and 'Veil' just happened to be one of them. They were exclusive, very popular and all their clubs were very hard to get into.

What it required to get in? You either had a lot of money or you were famous. It didn't hurt to be attractive either.

''After, of course.'', Zayn replied as it was the most obvious thing in the world, ''You know how women are. She'll either think that I'm stalking here or have one of those ego trips and think she's all that.'', he finished seriously.

''Well, you are kinda stalking her and she kinda is all that. Have you seen that insane body of hers? Besides, I think she'll be ecstatic when she sees your stupid face.'', his words were oozing with sarcasm, as he laughed at Zayn's annoyed expression.

''Just shut up.'', the dark haired man waved his hand, turning his back on Louis, as he started walking towards the office door, ''See you later.'', he nodded and walked out.

Tonight is the night he'll conquer Violet Hayes, make her beg for his attention, if it was the last thing he ever does. He's not about to allow a woman outsmart him. She thought she was the only one who could play dirty? Well, she was very wrong about that. No one was able to resist him and Violet is not going to be an exception.


She gazed at herself in the mirror, straightening her dress in the process. Violet really hated all the pointless getting ready, dolling yourself up for hours, just so disgusting, horny men could stare at you, throwing inappropriate comments or trying to flirt with you and drag you to bed.

She even avoided putting on makeup, although her bathroom was filled with various cosmetics of that sorts.

Violet used to care about what she looked like once. She used to love getting ready and making herself feel beautiful, but as her dates kept getting rarer and the longer she was alone, the more she kept losing the will to look seductive or even attractive in the most basic sense of that word.

However, tonight was an exception to all that. Tonight they were celebrating the first step towards her dreams coming true and that alone was enough to send Violet into a state of complete and utter euphoria. She didn't even mind that someone like Zayn Malik found her attractive.

She wasn't stupid and was very aware that he was attempting to flirt with her that morning. Too bad he was a known playboy and probably the most eligible bachelor in New York City, who was more known for the reputation that he changed women more often than he changed his underwear, then anything else.

If Violet hadn't heard of him before, she might have even fallen for his act. He was very good at it, but not good enough for someone like her. No matter how hard he tried, she couldn't be fooled and that was the reason she turned him down.

Sure, he was very attractive at the very least, charming and naturally seductive and sexy, but he was a man and that meant he was the same as all the others, she firmly believed that.

Once again, she ran her hands down her body, making sure everything looked perfect. Her tight black dress was in knee length, but she did show a little more cleavage. A fancy looking choker necklace was placed around her neck as she paired it with smaller earrings. Black heels were waiting to be put on, but she was delaying that, since she hadn't worn them in a while. She knew that by the end of the night her feet would be killing her, but as everything else on her tonight, they were to be worn because of this special occasion.

Her hair was curled, although the curls still weren't set loose, since she didn't want them to fall apart too early. She had to admit that she felt mighty good, even sexy, an attribute she hadn't used for herself in quite a while.

The whole outfit was in good taste, elegant and daring and all that was left now was the makeup.

The doorbell interrupted her walk to the bathroom. It was too early in the evening, so she knew it wasn't her girlfriends and now she was rather intrigued since she wasn't expecting anyone else.

As soon as she opened the front door, someone pulled her in for a tight hug. By the smell of her perfume, Violet knew exactly who was smothering her.

''El?!'', she sort of screamed in her sisters ear, surprised by the sudden visit, ''What are you doing here?!''

''Ouch. Take it easy.'', the shorter, curly haired woman finally let go, rubbing her ear in pain, ''I'll go deaf.'', she said through a smile.

''Always so dramatic.'', Violet rolled her eyes, letting her sister inside.

She closed the door and followed Eleanor into the living room.

''What are you doing here?'', she repeated the question she didn't get an answer to minutes before.

''Cyn told me the happy news, so I'm here for the celebration!'', she hugged her sister again, ''Congratulations! I'm so happy you finally got everything you wanted!''

Violet was shocked. She wasn't planning on letting anyone know, not until her success was a hundred percent certain. Even though she achieved a huge step towards her goal, a lot of things were still quite uncertain.

''Eleanor, please tell me that you didn't tell our parents?! I'm going to kill Cynthia!''

''And then you say I'm the dramatic one.'', El smiled, ''I'm not stupid, you know? Mom and dad don't even know I'm here, I told them I was going to a spa retreat for the weekend. I figured you'd want to wait.''

Instantly, Violet felt relief wash over her, as well as confusion – she never expected that her sister knew her that well.

''How come Cynthia called you in the first place?'', Violet was curious to know.

''Well, you see... As I said before, although you drilled it into your head that I hate you and that I want your place in the company, all I've ever really wanted was to be your sister. Despite what you might think, I love you V and the only thing I want from you is for you to be happy. You never believed me, I don't blame you, but people change Violet. And yes, I know, I've done some stupid things, I admit I was a jerk towards you sometimes and I was immature, a tad bit jealous as well, but it hasn't been like that for the longest time. I just wanted a chance to prove that I've changed. After all, Cyn's my friend too and that's why she kept me up to date about all things Violet.'', she shrugged.

''Well that's just fantastic. You two are the biggest gossip queens that I know.''

''Can't argue with that.'', both of them smiled at Eleanor's remark, ''But seriously V, I'm sorry.'', she looked at her sister apologetically.

''It's fine El. Although it's hard for me to admit this, but I don't think I was ever really mad at you. It was more because of him.'', she explained gloomily, thinking about their father.

''I know.'', Eleanor replied in a sadder tone, ''Going out?'', she changed the subject, checking her sister out as she tried to brighten up the atmosphere.

''Yeah, Cynthia insisted and you know her... What Cyn wants, Cyn gets. Do you want to come with us?''

''Only if you have something nice for me to wear.'', El joked.

''I used to dress quite nicely, you know?'', Violet replied.

''Ah, yes, once upon a time maybe.'', the two of them burst out with laughter, running upstairs to get ready.


The girls were already in full party mode when Zayn and Louis stepped into the club. It was near to impossible for them to go unnoticed. As they made their way through the crowd, women felt instantly drawn to the both of them, their eyes holding on to their physical presence longer then it seemed appropriate. They devoured the two men with their gazes, as if they were hoping that they would be the ones to win the attention of one of them.

Nonetheless, neither Louis or Zayn were interested in that at the moment. Zayn was here with only one purpose, eager to find the one he was looking for. All that Lou craved for in that exact moment was a full glass of his favorite whiskey.

They finally reached the bar and the bartender immediately spotted them. Not needing to ask for their order, already knowing their preferred drinks, he laid in front of them a bucket filled with ice and a bottle of the most expensive liquor, surrounded by cans of Red Bull. Louis reached for the alcohol, but Zayn cut him off.

''Wait!'', he shouted, trying to speak over the loud music, ''Let's find them first.''

Louis nodded, as he watched the stunning red haired woman approach them. The club manager knew they were looking for her, since Zayn called her earlier that evening, letting her know what he needed from her.

''Mr. Malik, Mr. Tomlinson.'', she said to them, but only smiled when her eyes fell upon Lou.

''How many times to I have to tell you to call me Louis?'', he winked at her, making her giggle.

Zayn rolled his eyes, but he wasn't annoyed. He knew, after all, that Louis was never the one to let a good flirt session pass him by.

''The table number?'', he acquired.

''Five.'', she answered shortly.

''They weren't kidding when they said they're going to go wild.'', Louis joked.

The lower the table number, the more expensive it was.

''Take us there and then have the waiter bring our drinks over, as well as a double round of whatever the ladies are having.'', Zayn ordered.

''This way gentlemen.'', she said as she dove right back into the crowd.

Finally they arrived at a table around which were a group of women, all dancing and laughing loudly. They were all pretty hot, but Zayn's eyes instantly flew over to Violet, were they stayed glued for quite some time since he was checking her out from head to toe.

She was even more attractive and more beautiful than she was that same morning. A long, black dress was hugging her perfect figure, simply daring him to make his way up and down her body. She wore her hair in large curls, as if she knew that it was the epitome of sex appeal in his eyes.

She swayed her body to the rhythm of the music, as her breasts bounced slightly with her every move. In that moment he wanted her badly. Zayn couldn't deny that she radiated with a certain magnetism. The same one he's been using for years. This was the first time he met a women with that particular quality, yet here she was, not even noticing or even purposely ignoring him, just as easy as she walked away from him earlier that day. He couldn't shake away the lust that only kept growing the longer he looked at the women in front of him.

''You're drooling.'', Louis whispered in his ear, not even trying to hide the mocking in his voice.

Zayn gave his best friend a hateful glare, before walking up to the table.

''Good evening my ladies.'', he graced them with one of his irresistible smiles.

The women instantly melted before Zayn's eyes, except for Violet and a brown haired girl that was standing beside her. She looked a lot like the women next to her. The both of them rolled their eyes in the exact same way that convinced Zayn that they're most definitely sisters.

''Mr. Malik.'', Cynthia extended her hand towards him and then towards Louis.

''Would you mind if we joined you?'', once again he smiled, charming the life out of her.

''Not at all, we'll be delighted.'', she returned the smile.

It wasn't as she could help herself, this was the way every woman reacted towards Zayn. It was simply a part of his irresistible charm.

''Let me introduce you to the rest of the clan. These are Stephanie and Megan.'', she showed towards the two blondes, which were a little bit less attractive then the rest of their friends, ''You know Violet of course.'', the beauty just nodded towards them, smiling ever so sightly, although Zayn noticed hostility in those large eyes of hers. She automatically reached for her glass, drinking the contents of it at a fast pace, ''And finally, this is her sister Eleanor.'', the dark eyed beauty gave them both a charming smile, but she never took her eyes off of Louis.

Lou wasn't able to hide the infatuation in his eyes as he returned Eleanor's gaze. Zayn was honestly impressed, since it was a rarity to see Louis being charmed rather then him charming someone.

''Zayn and Louis are Violet's publishers.'', Cynthia explained.

''Thank you for giving my sister a chance.'', Eleanor shouted towards them.

She seemed a little drunk.

''You're very welcome.'', Louis winked at her, ''This is on the house.'', he added when the waiter finally brought their drinks.

''You shouldn't have.'', Violet chimed in out of pure politeness.

''Of course we did, besides, this is our place and I think that makes us able to do whatever we please.'', he answered playfully and that bothered Zayn a bit.

That surprised Violet. She knew they were successful businessman, but she never imagined they would be able to run a place like this. It intrigued her.

''Are we here to celebrate or what?!'', Zayn jumped in shouting towards everybody but only looking at her, ''For Violet!'', he raised his glass as the rest followed.

She returned the stare for the slightest second, before looking away. Violet seemed genuinely uninterested in him, which made Zayn feel powerless – a feeling he hated more then anything. With every passing minute his frustration just kept growing.

How was it possible that he wasn't able to grab her attention? It was as if she was immune to his charm. To top it all off, Zayn didn't know what to do since he never found himself in similar situation. This literally never happened to him.

He watched as Violet made her way towards the ladies toilet all alone and in that moment he concluded that it this was maybe his only chance to get some alone time with her.

She seemed irritated as she stood in the line which was as usually pretty long.

''If you want, you can come with me to our office space upstairs.'', he whispered in her year from behind, ''We have a private bathroom.''

Violet turned around with the speed of lightning, looking at him with a spiteful glare.

''Are you stalking me?'', she said as hostility laced her voice.

''Of course not.'', he smiled sincerely at her words, ''I just wanted to help.'', he shrugged as if he wasn't fazed by her behavior.

She raised her eyebrow, not trusting Zayn's words, as she kept her eyes on the man in front of her.

He was so attractive in his black shirt which fit him perfectly, showing of his muscly body. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, making him that more irresistible as they showed of, to her great surprise, his many tattoos. Now she found him to be rather mysterious, dark and that more intriguing.

The black pants and matching shoes. His black, slicked up hair and that single lock that escaped and was falling across his forehead. His piercing stare and that seductive smile of his. His entire existence kept sending electric shocks up and down Violet's spine.

''Fine, let's go.'', she sighed, waiting for him to lead the way.

She did need the toilet rather urgently and wanted to get back to her friends as soon as possible, but when Zayn offered his hand, she didn't accept it, shaking her head in resistance.

He felt anger rise inside him because of her rejection, but he didn't let any emotion show on his handsome face.

''Thank you for this, Mr. Malik.'', Violet said as she walked out of the bathroom.


Under the dim office light, away from the glitz and the disco lights, she looked even more beautiful. All Zayn wanted in that moment was to grab her and throw her on the couch that was sitting in the corner of the room. He wanted to have sex with her all night long and he couldn't stop his thoughts from imagining all the things he'd like to do to her.

''I thought we agreed that you'll call me Zayn?'', he smiled gently.

''Actually, I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion Mr. Malik is more appropriate.'', she said a bit disdainfully.

Violet had no idea that her constant rejection was slowly starting to turn him on. On the one hand, her coldness drove him crazy, yet on the other he found it rather sexy.

''Why do you hate me?'', he openly asked, yet Violet wasn't about to let herself be fooled.

Oh boy, here we go. Now, he's going to play the victim, so I'd feel sorry for being mean. Please! He's just like the rest of them. - she thought to herself.

''I don't know you, so I can't hate you.'', she simply stated, ''I just don't think it's appropriate for me to be seeing my boss outside the workplace.''

''Violet, we're both adults, mature people. I think we're more than capable in separating our work from our private lives.'', he stepped closer.

He's actions were just making her more and more angry. She hated pushy people, men especially. They were repulsive just as much as they were disgusting. Setting all that aside, she still couldn't figure out his reason for wanting her so badly. It's not like she was the prettiest or the most attractive person on the planet. Yet, here he was, after she clearly stated that she doesn't mix business and pleasure, trying to get her to sleep with him. He was getting on her nerves.

Maybe it's because you keep rejecting him. - a small voice stated in her head, yet she wasn't rejecting him so he would chase her.

''And I think there's absolutely no need for that. I don't think you completely understand how much this opportunity means to me, Mr. Malik. Also, I don't think you're used to rejection and that that there is the only reason you keep trying to get into my pants. Please let me destroy every tiny bit of hope you have of winning me over – I'm not interested in you. The sooner you realize that, the better it will be for the both of us.'', she finished impudently.

Zayn was completely shocked by her words since he was usually the one saying them to other women. It wasn't supposed to be the other way around.

''Please stop insisting. You simply don't have what I'm looking for.'', she looked him straight in the eyes and then turned around, walking towards the door.

He grabbed her hand, turning her back towards him. Now he was completely taken by rage. Who does she think she is, talking to him that way?!

He pulled her rather harshly, stronger than he initially intended and she tripped on her heels, falling straight into his ready arms. For a brief moment, they were so close to each other, that they could sense their breaths mixing. His lips were just a few centimeters away from hers. He wanted to kiss her so he leaned in, with the intention of touching them.

The next thing he heard was a swishing sound and then felt the pain spreading across his cheek. He automatically let her go, placing the palm of his hand over the spot that hurt. She slapped him.

He stared at her in disbelief, too shocked to react in any other way.

Her chest kept rising at a fast pace, as she tried and failed to calm her breathing. How dare he?

She knew she made a mistake when she slapped him. She shouldn't have done that and know she could lose everything. She might have gone too far, but she was so mad. She wasn't about to sell herself and her beliefs just so she would succeed. She wasn't going to reach her dreams in that way. She'll never become that girl and if that's what he was expecting, she would rather lose everything then let him use her.

''I'm not one of your bimbos to whom you can do whatever you want.'', she talked through her gritted teeth, since the anger didn't seem to be able to go away, ''You'll either learn to treat me with respect or we won't be working together at all. I wish you a good night, Mr. Malik.'', she raised her chin, looking at him with pure disgust, before almost running out of the office.

Now that he was all alone, his brain started working again. He was so confused. Everything he tried with her, everything that would have worked on almost every other girl, didn't seem to have any effect on Violet. She was so different, he never met a woman like her. And that's when he finally realized what was the problem – she was unconquerable for him because he didn't know how to act around her.

''Well, fuck it!'', he said angrily.

He checked himself out in the mirror, straightened his hair and clothes and then walked out, locking the door behind him.

When he returned to the table, Violet was no where to be found. Her sister, as well as Louis were gone too, so he didn't even bother to stay.

He figured Lou had already found his latest victim, so he started scanning the place himself. Violet might have turned him down, for the second time if he might add, but his sexual appetite, unlike his ego didn't suffer her rejection. The club was full of desperate women and he knew it wouldn't take him long before he found someone who could help him get rid of all the frustration he was feeling. The night was still young, there was plenty of time for him to get all the negativity out his system.

Tomorrow's a new day and Zayn wasn't the type to give up easily. He'll figure Violet Hayes out and when he does... She'll never know what hit her. She'll never see him coming.

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