2. Musical Nights

I'm laying in the darkness, barely any noise around 

But in my mind, there is no end to the sound

My body lies still, my arms at my sides and my feet straight

But inside my mind thoughts race and I am now having to wait

I have lyrics in my head, words in my bed, my brain won't be quiet

I try to explain, but again my words don't make sense, I have to hide it

I have to hide that I cannot explain, and I have to hide the words in my brain

I can't explain the lyrics in my head, I can't explain this scene in my bed

Everyone will think I'm off, come on, isn't it easy to shut of your mind?

Well not for me, because I haven't yet been able to find

Something that will make these lyrics in my brain stop, make the hands drop

Lyrics in the day are beautifully great but in the night they are my only fate

I don't want to hear anymore words, I want to sleep but I can't get this out of my head

I lie hear, listening to my brain's old songs, I lie hear, I glance I see, that the clock reads 3

3 is a time to sleep, not to write, not to fight

 3 is a time to sleep but  even though I don't make a peep

My mind does, it's loud, it's not a bad thing, more a bother, like an inconsistent noise in an empty space

In the darkness is when you are two different people, but as of now I'm only looking one in the face

Oh brain, shut off will you?

What will I do?

Shut up, be quiet, stop singing or I'll fight it

Then I awake and the room floods with light

An easier feel, way better than it was last night

It's morning now, and of course my head it silent

I could be mad but I am content

Because those people that wanted me to explain?

Well they missed out on the concert in my brain



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