I Am Not Lavern

||TITLED WITH PERMISSION|| Is this a diary? Probably not, I'm too lazy and otherwise engaged to update with any ounce of commitment. Is it rant book? Doubtful, my rants usually end up with all out anarchy ensuing. Is it going to be interesting? Well...I can't promise that either, if I'm honest...


3. || ZWEI ||


So we officially have a cover, made by none other than Lavern2002 herself. I'm still somewhat unsure of where she got that photo of me. Do I really want to know...?

While typing this I'm listening to a song called Tears Of A Clown by Iron Maiden, a song about the great Robin Williams. I do suggest listening to it, it's rather moving.

I'm also rather ill, but I'll get over it.

This morning I arranged the tracklist for an album called CROSS MY HEART, which is basically an entire album made up of outtakes (all except two, the opening track and the closing track. They were written specially for this collection). The other twelve tracks are songs that were written for albums but didn't make the final cut, four of them being from RESET, one from EINS, two from THE PHONE GOES DEAD, one from THE WIDENING GYRE and four from an album that was written but never released due to the fact I didn't think it was consistent, worthy or original. The title track and opener, CROSS MY HEART, was written solely for this collection and completed in five minutes yesterday. It's one of those songs that just flows. Very fast, very raw. The closer is a set of lyrics written to a piece of music from the TV series Warehouse 13. I loved the instrumental that much I put lyrics to it. So it's a very mixed bag, I hope it entertains.

I'm going to go now, for some reason my anxiety is playing up again. Sadly this is getting worse. Oh well, I'll get over it. Hopefully.


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