I Am Not Lavern

||TITLED WITH PERMISSION|| Is this a diary? Probably not, I'm too lazy and otherwise engaged to update with any ounce of commitment. Is it rant book? Doubtful, my rants usually end up with all out anarchy ensuing. Is it going to be interesting? Well...I can't promise that either, if I'm honest...


5. || VIER ||


Today has been an interesting day. I updated A SCANDAL IN MOVELLIA, published a song called 'Cross My Heart' and greeted a new guy on here. All in all, it wasn't bad

Emotionally? Well, apart from crying for twenty minutes this morning while considering my irrelevance, I've been OK. I soon recovered when I went to Aldi. It happens occasionally. I'm fine.

I'm not entirely sure what to say if I'm honest.

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