I Am Not Lavern

||TITLED WITH PERMISSION|| Is this a diary? Probably not, I'm too lazy and otherwise engaged to update with any ounce of commitment. Is it rant book? Doubtful, my rants usually end up with all out anarchy ensuing. Is it going to be interesting? Well...I can't promise that either, if I'm honest...


2. || EINS ||


Welcome to my diary that isn't a diary. I will update about my life, but my life is uninteresting. I will drop jokes throughout which will be based around me fanboying over Lavern's amazingness because, let's be honest, she is pretty awesome! She was my first follower, and I've wanted to do a spoof diary called I AM NOT LAVERN ever since she published her diary I AM LAVERN. Yes, she gave me permission to title it this way, stating that she wouldn't object to something that promotes her. As a result, I've decided to namecheck a few Movellians and Movellas that people should read, stories and people I have found to be entertaining and enjoyable, and inspirational and friendly (I'll let you pair the adjectives with the afore mentioned nouns) throughout this diary.

But first I shall focus on me. It's my diary, after all.

I wrote a song this morning. I got the title from quite possibly the weirdest place possible. The title is Brave. I got the name of the song from the name of one of my friend's fluffy frog. Just to clarify, the song isn't about my friend or her fluffy frog. Though frogs are cute. I like frogs. I like fish too.

I have recently had a large amount of anxiety and self doubt, so I hope I can get that out in this diary and not have to resort to actually telling my parents that I'm an emotional wreck.

So there you have it.

And I am not Lavern. Lavern is female. I am not female.

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