I Am Not Lavern

||TITLED WITH PERMISSION|| Is this a diary? Probably not, I'm too lazy and otherwise engaged to update with any ounce of commitment. Is it rant book? Doubtful, my rants usually end up with all out anarchy ensuing. Is it going to be interesting? Well...I can't promise that either, if I'm honest...


4. || DREI ||


Today one has had a substantial clean up of my Movellas. I have deleted four of them and de-coauthored myself from one, since I hadn't done anything and didn't really have the time. I do suggest you check it out though, it's called Everything Books by @Mystique Iris and @Mercury Chap.

So here I am going to list the stuff I have:


In Progress:

Cross My Heart (Outtakes Album)

I Am Not Lavern (Diary Thing)

Maria [Season 2] (Screenplay)

A Scandal In Movellia (Movellas Fanfic)

13 (Warehouse 13 Fanfic - this will be restarted)

Warehouse 13: Archives (Collection of Warehouse 13 Short Stories)

Somewhere In My Mind (Diary)


Completed (non-music):

Endgame (Story)

The Place You Call Home (Warehouse 13/Haven Crossover Fanfic)

When The Phone Goes Dead: A Lyrical Diary

Fallen Heroes (Poem)

The Gyre (Lyrical Diary)

Reckless Love: InVader (Album Review)

WORLD BOOK DAY 2016 (Short Story)

Maria [Season 1] (Screenplay)

Music From Maria [Season 1] (Soundtrack)

If You Were A Girl (What Movellas Means To Me- Song)


Completed (music):


Greatest Lyrics (Best Of)

New Alliance (2015)

The Phone Goes Dead (2016)

The Widening Gyre (2016)

Reset (2016)


Do You Wanna Go

Let The Final Credits Roll


Now & Forever



Merry Metal

Pray For The World


How Many Times Does An Angel Fall

Who Shot Justin Bieber?


So there you have it. Now, I'm going for dinner. 

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