Say I Love You Too

Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa have been happily dating for 1 whole year now. They've been able to over come all of their obstacles together and Yamato is so happy to see that Mei has sprouted out into a wonderful popular socializing blossom. Right at the beginning of their third year in high school, an unexpected student is thrown into the mix. Not only is she weird. energetic, talented, and beautiful, she just so happens to have a striking resemblance to Mei; not to mention that they have the same last name. But what do you expect when it turns out that this first year student is actually Mei's little sister, Mio Tachibana.


2. Worries

 As we walked the silent path to our high school, Toumei High, you could hear the rhythmical clank of Yamato and I's matching charm bracelets. I smiled at the simple sound that nobody else would have ever paid attention to because it was almost like a personal song meant only for me and Yamato's ears.

I wonder if he's listening too?

"Do you hear that, Mei?" He asked suddenly. I looked at him, but his gaze was still straight ahead.

"Hear what?"

"Our charm bracelets. It's something that only we can hear." He said smiling at me at the end. I smiled back at him as sign of agreement.

Of course he was thinking the same thing. I should've expected as much.

As we approached the entrance to our school, our song was only shortly played before it was interrupted by simultaneous screeches of joy. We jolted back to realty and saw Asami and Nakanishi running to us with open arms.

"Mei!" Screamed Asami.

"Yamato!" Shouted Nakanishi. He stopped directly in front of Yamato. The distance between the two led Yamato to jump back to avoid budding heads with his wild best friend. Though, he did have to let go of my hand in order to evade contact. I mentally frowned to myself before it was my turn for a reunion. Asami wasted no time at all leaping into my arms with a huge smile on her face, just like always.

"H-hey Asami." I said smiling back at her. Aiko approached us after calmly walking behind the excited duo.

"Hello Tachibana. Yamato." She said stretching out "hello" a little bit.

"Hey Aiko. What's up?"

"Yeah. Why'd we get such a grand welcome?" asked Yamato stepping away from Nakanishi.

"Asamichi and I have been so excited to see you two!" Butted in Nakanishi. He ran out in front of all of us and Asami quickly ran to his side.

"Yeah! We missed you two so much!" She said clinging onto his arm. A small blush began to creep onto Nakanishi's face and if I know him like I think I do, he's getting excited about the massive boob contact that he's getting from Asami.

"Excited to see us?" I quoted.

"We were just hanging out together the day before yesterday at karaoke." Stated Yamato. 

"They're excited to see us all here together at school again, dummy." Aiko said sounding as sassy as always. She began to walk towards the school and Yamato and I were quickly grabbed by the dynamic duo just be dragged along as if we were unwilling to come.

We continued to walk together having small talk like always. Aiko was making plans to go out for sweets after school, Asami was expressing her excitement for our after school plans, Nakanishi was gushing over Asami, and Yamato was laughing at his excitement. We were behaving just like we always did together and I loved it.

I thought that Nakanishi and Asami were just over excited like always, but I guess I missed us all together like this too. Not to mention that this will be the last time that we'll be together like this. We're third years now and It's kind of hard to believe. This means that I'm going to be eighteen soon, but I still don't know what I want to be when it's time. I'm not particularly talented at anything, so what could I really be?

I found myself in deep thought like always.

What am I going to do with my life once high school is over? I just conquered living life in high school. How am I supposed to manage college?

"Mei?" I heard Yamato call out to me. Finally being relinquished from thoughts, my gaze was no longer straight ahead. I wasn't even moving anymore. I looked up to see the group waiting a decent distance away us. I looked up at Yamato who had stayed behind with me. "Are you okay?"

I stuttered out a "yes" before flashing a smile to reassure him. He didn't buy it though. "You don't have to keep it to yourself if you're bothered by something." He said sounding very concerned.

"No really. I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about." I said while still smiling. His focus was on me before Aiko's voice could be heard from down the hall.

"Come on love birds! We're going to be late for orientation if you don't hurry up!" My face flushed red when everyone turned around to stare at us.

"D-don't yell that out loud, Aiko! Mmm. Come on!" I said flustered while grabbing Yamato's hand tightly and running towards our friends.

"Whoa!" He said as he fumbled a little bit before regaining his balance as we ran. Just as we rejoined them, they began to walk again.

I shouldn't be thinking about this right now. Right now, all I want to do is enjoy being with my friends while I still can and I can't do that if I'm too busy trying to think about stuff that's not here yet. One of the many things that I've learned from Yamato is to cross the bridge once I get there.

He looked down at me with worry still etched into his face. I held his hand and smiled brightly. "I'm fine Yamato." He looked at me carefully before returning the smile.

This is what I want. Just to be happy with him...forever.



A/N: I'm sorry the story is starting off so slow, but it's just my method for build up. Plus, I don't want this story to end quickly. It'll start getting more exciting soon I promise. :)

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