True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


30. chapter 28

We went Into the living room and there was a pizza and drinks. There was chips and a movie was playing. It was the new Beauty and the Beast movie with Emma Watson.

I was sitting next to Blake and Becky was by my feet and Lana was on the other hair by herself.

When Blake was done eating he dusted his hands off and put his arm around me. I leaned in closer and he whispered "I'm sorry for what I did to Gabe. I should've at least told you before I went to go do it."

"It's alright. I understand you were mad at him. I wish I could've done the same or at least show him I was mad and hurt, but you know me. It didn't work out as planned and he thinks I didn't care."

He rubbed my arm and said "It's okay." I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head softly and I wanted my heart to beat fast. I wanted to like Blake.

But even as I was that close to him and he just kissed my head, I felt nothing. Just another aching feeling for Gabe.

Gosh, why can't I stop thinking about him? I mean he hurt me and cheated on me and I'm still liking him and wanting him.

I'm thinking about Gabe while a perfectly perfect guy is sitting next to me.

Then Lana said something. "So Blake how's that new girl you've been with?"

I looked at him. "New girl?"

He glared at the back of Lanas head since she wasn't looking. "Nothing Lana. I haven't even met the girl, I don't even know what she looks like."

He looked at me with pleading eyes but I don't know what he was pleading for.

I scooted far from Blake. I didn't want anything to happen between me and Blake if he liked a girl.

Lana continued to talk. "Ohh but you've been obsessing over her though." I gave him a questioning look.

I laughed. "Are you being a stalker or something Blake?"

He shook his head vigorously and said "No! I'm just curious about her that's all!" He looked at me and held my hand. "I don't like her at all and I'm not stalking her." I nodded and patted his hand.

"Okay okay lover boy. Let's just watch the movie."

I turned back to the tv but Blake kept looking at me.

I looked at him and said "What?"

He sighed. "Nothing, I guess you still don't get it huh."

He turned back to the tv but I wanted to ask him what he meant when we heard a loud bang outside.

It sounded like the trash can fell and we all turned toward the big screen doors leading to the beach.

Becky paused the movie and Blake stood up walking over to the door.

"Wait Blake!"

He looked at me. "What?"

"It might be dangerous, you can't go without something to protect you."

I looked around and then Lana said "Here, a bat."

He took it and walked over to the door. He slowly opened it and took a step outside. It was raining and he looked around. Then the bushes shook and someone came out. He raised the bat then the person said "Wait, please I mean no harm. I just wanted to get out of the rain and I saw lights and I thought that maybe I could stay here for a bit. I tripped and pushed over the trash can by accident."

It was a girls voice. Blake said "Then why are you hiding in the bushes?!"

"Because you had a bat and i don't know I got scared I guess."

I stood up and walked to the door. "Ohh well we're sorry, we just scared a little bit. You can stay."

"Ohh thanks." She came out of the dark and into the light.

"It's you!"

She smiled and said "Well you seem to be doing better. That's good." I nodded and she walked inside when Blake suddenly said "You're the girl."

We all turned to look at him and he was staring hard at the girl. She stared back.

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