True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


11. chapter 10

In homeroom the next day, I sat next to Gabe staring at him like if he touched me I would break or flinch. Right when i sat down he said "I'm sorry for what I did yesterday Cara. I don't know why I did it."

I scooted my chair a bit farther and nodded. "It's okay Gabe." He looked at me a bit longer and turned around but he looked like he wanted to say something more.

Cara he doesn't like you, stop giving him weird looks and being mean and scooting farther away. It's not like he has cooties.

I put my head down on the desk taking a deep breath. Gabe put his head down and faced me so we were looking at each other. He was smiling and I was staring him in the eyes. He never looked away nor did I.

It felt awkward after awhile so I turned my head around and he sighed. The bell rang and I got up and left class right away. I bumped into the nice girl, the one Gabe and his friends were teasing, Brin.

"Ohh I'm so sorry Brin." She said "It's okay Cara." I saw out of the corner of my eye that Gabe came out of homeroom with some of his friends and I was hoping he wouldn't make fun of Brin.

I heard one of his friends roll his eyes and say "Ugh Brin. You fatass. You should start dieting. Instead of bringing your huge sandwiches every day." I said "Hey you better shut the fuck up about her or..."

Gabe cut me off and said "Mason, shut up. Thats dicks and wrong. Just leave her alone." He turned to Brin and she flinched. He walked over and she pushed up her glasses like she was scared.

"I'm sorry for what mason said Brin." Brin looked shock. And so was I with all his friends behind him. Mason said "Yo bro why'd you apologize to Bulging Brin? She isn't worth it, she's just dirt on the ground. The thing everybody steps on and doesn't care about."

I walked over to Brin and rubbed her arm. I whispered "Brin it's okay. There are people who care about you. Go Brin, go to class." Brin ran away. I looked at mason and gave him a stink eye.

"Mason why you gotta make people feel bad about themselves just because your life sucks? No one likes you because your an asshole and your only popular because of your brother. You get bad grades and you go home to a broken family. I understand that you might be hurting but you don't need to hurt other people."

Mason glared at me and sneered "Hey watch what you say to me Cara. I'm not someone you want to mess with." He took a step closer but Gabe stepped in front and held his hand out towards me, shielding me.

"Dude back off or else your ruined." Mason looked at Gabe and if looks could kill ohh Gabe would be dead. Gabe took a step closer to mason and looked like he was gonna hit him but I put my hand on his shoulder and held him back. He looked back at me stepped back. "Your not worth it." Gabe turned us around and had his hand on the lower part of my back pushing me away.

Mason said to the group of guys behind him. "Look he's chicken. Even his girl is worth nothing like Brin." Gabe stopped and I said "Gabe it's not worth it." Gabe continued walking and we went to class.

The next day Gabe's hand was wrapped like it was hurt. I wonder what happened. I'll ask him later.

Gabe's POV

After school I caught up with mason at his usual hang out behind the school. Not on school grounds though. He was alone because I asked him to meet me there.

"What do you what Gabe? If your here to apologize I don't forgive you. You are no longer part of our group. Your annoying so make this quick."

Gabe laughed and said "I'm not here to apologize. And I don't wanna be part of your shit group. We both know anyway that I was the group leader but that doesn't matter anymore."

"I'll let it slide what you said to Brin and to me. But what you said about Cara...I will not let that slide. Cara is not worthless, you are. Cara is a beautiful girl with a great personality. You have a suck ass personality. There is no girl who can ever compare to cara."

"She is loved by everyone unlike you. Everyone hates you. Including me and your so called group of friends. So watch what you say about her. Because if you don't and say something about her again, I will deal with you."

I walked up to him and punched his face. He swore and tried to fight back but I kicked him in the stomach. I continued to beat him up an then stopped when I felt he had enough.

I grabbed his hair and held his head which was on the ground. He spit blood in my face and I wiped it off. "Don't ever go near Cara or say anything about her or next time I won't show mercy." I let his head go fast which plopped back down and then stood up. I kicked him in the stomach and left him holding his stomach, moaning in pain.

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