Picture This

*Cover by TheBrainyPenguin* A short essay on photography. ©2016


1. Picture This

Photography is very close to my heart. There’s something magical about capturing the world while it’s in motion. You catch those brief, fleeting moments in life when something exciting happens. Maybe it’s a cute, genuine laugh from a loved one. Maybe it’s a beautiful wildflower that’s starting to bloom. Maybe it’s the clear, cloudless sky on a beautiful day. Whatever it is, it is a special moment happening in life, and it would be a shame for it to just become a memory.

Pictures really do take you back to that moment. All of the memories come flooding back in. You reminisce what was going on in that moment in your life, who you were. Perhaps you were a little kid, so young, everything in the world seeming new and exciting. Maybe you were a young adult, feeling thrusted into the sudden life of an adult that no one could prepare you for. Or maybe you’re much older than that; elderly, perhaps, retired, maybe, with so many photos having been taken, showing you just how many moments in life you’ve experienced.

That’s all a photo is, really: a memory. Except that, unlike our memories, pictures show you exactly how things were, crystal clear. You realize that dimples do show up on your face when you’re smiling; you can’t make any comments on how your younger sibling is not taller than you when the picture shows otherwise. When your memory’s fading as the years go by, a picture will still have that perfect moment captured. You can immediately go back to it, not having to search the back of your mind for old memories underneath all of the moments you’ve experienced throughout the years.

That’s what makes photography so amazing to me. Capturing moments in life is so important. Life is so short, and the days go by faster than you know it. It’s important to cherish those moments. When you do, you don’t feel like your life is going by faster than you can keep up with. You will have stopped to truly enjoy the little moments in your life; your life will have meaning. A simple shot from a camera can give you that.

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