Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


8. 8

Bobby then walked back into the house and changed into the work clothes then went to the back door to the shed that had been the old outside toilet back in the day. The bricked outhouse had been painted white inside and there were several shelves with various boxes with tools in them. Bobby found the hedge trimmer and the extension lead. He brought a pair of step ladders through then set them up in the front garden.

Maggie plugged in the extension lead and he plugged in the hedge trimmer. He climbed the ladder and set to work. He cut the hedge down to a manageable height then shaped it so it that looked the same on both sides. He took off his white tee shirt and his six pack abdominals stood out like a washboard. Bobby stood six feet three and his shoulders were huge. His biceps were athletic looking his body had a natural tan and the neighbours all came out for a look at the handsome young man who was doing the garden.

“Maggie who’s the hunk doin’your hedge?’

“Send him over here when he’s done will you; I could use a good man. Wor Jackie is a right lazy bugger; I can’t get him to do owt for me.’

“Back of the queue Aggie shouted Phyllis Davies I saw him first.’

“This is my brother Bobby, Phyllis.’

“Brother; where have you been hiding him he’s gorgeous.’

 “He lives in Portsmouth.’

“Is he married?’

“No, he’s single.’

“Wow, he doesn’t bat for the other side Maggie does he?’

No way; he’s a real man is my brother.’

“Whey we can all see that.’

“I wish you wouldn’t talk about me as if I wasn’t here said Bobby in an accent that sounded very posh.

“Oh listen to that voice said Aggie I’m having mysel a hot flush.’

Bobby began to collect the cuttings from both gardens whilst the two women looked on. He placed them into a bin then took it around the back. Bobby then came back for the ladders ready to start the back garden. The women went in doors and went to the back to look out of the windows as Bobby started the back hedges.’


It was six thirty when Bobby finished he cleaned the tools before replacing everything back into the outhouse then asked if he could take a shower.

“There is no need to ask Bobby; just treat this house like your own. “ Hold on a moment I will get you some towels. Bobby went to his case and took out his electric razor and had a shave then took a shower. He put on a clean shirt and then put his clean jeans and boots back on.

He came out as Stephen Aplin was just coming in from work.’

“Who are you and what the hell you doing in my hoose.’

“I’m Bobby,’ Maggie’s brother.’

“Oh Bobby; Christ you’ve grown some haven’t you.’

“It must be all the warm weather down in Portsmouth.’

“I see you’ve been busy; Thanks.’

“It was nothing; I will cut the grass if it is fine tomorrow.’

“I’m knackered when I finish work Bobby; I just want to sit doon.’

“Well I’m the opposite I’m in the lorry all day and I just want to get out and do something.’

It’s a big bugger you drive isn’t.’


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