Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


56. 56

“I would like that smiled Bobby.’

I’m going to take a quick shower now if you would care to join me.’

“Well I had a bath earlier but I might be persuaded.’

Martine got up from the sofa then Bobby chased her into the bathroom.’



Steve Aplin finished his first shift at the Black Bull; Peter had taken him into the cellar and shown him how to change the barrels and where they would be delivered to.’

“Keep you eye on the draymen as they may say they have delivered you twelve barrels but you end up with ten; once you sign on the dotted there’s no argument; you should have counted.’

“Check also how many barrels they take away; keep a record so each month you can keep a check on how much beer that you are selling.’ I have written it down so all you have to do is follow what I have done. Now the draymen will come tomorrow so I will let you check; don’t worry I will be keeping and eye on them up here.

Other stock like Snacks, nuts and crisps s sell well. You can pick them up from the cash and carry. Your spirits will be delivered too and it is there that you have to be very vigilant.’

“Write down everything as I have and you won’t go wrong. You will get breakages but the brewery will cover that. The glassware and other things are supplied in promotions by the brewery so keep stock on your glasses and any that start to look old and scratched get broken up and placed into that big plastic bin. They will come for the glass and it will be melted down and new glasses made from it. Bottles of Bud Weiser or Alco- pops go into separate bins along with other empty bottles. Tomorrow I will show you how to clean the lines and that must be done every day or your beer will smell and taste dreadful and you will lose your customers. Keep everything spotlessly clean and you won’t go wrong Steve.’

“Well thanks for taking the time to show me; I would have been lost otherwise.’

In a few days you will pick it up no problem.’

Steve put on his coat after helping to clear the bar. Peter poured him a large whiskey then they sat down whilst Steve waited for a taxi to take him home.

I always have myself a little snifter before bed. It helps me to sleep. Now this is a seven days a week job that you are taking on unless your good lady wife has plans of employing someone.’ That will give you both a break because come Saturday night you are worn out.’ Sunday opens at twelve so you do get an extra hour in bed.

Be strict on customers finishing drinks off mind you as the law will shut you down.

“We have a lot of ex coppers who come in here and a few who are meant to be working as well. Trust none of them; “once a copper always a copper.’

“Keep an eye out for under age drinkers as well. Girls are worse than the boys. Serve no one you think is underage unless they have Identification to prove their age.

Keep trouble makers out from the start. Not that I have had any but a new pub brings its own set of problems.’

“Just remember to be pleasant and smile and this place will carry on for many years to come.’

There’s your taxi Steve; see you at nine tomorrow morning; Goodnight.’

“Goodnight Peter.’

Steve got into the front of the taxi and told the driver where he wanted to go.

Peter had paid his fare because he had worked hard for him; he said that a taxi would be provided until he and Maggie took over the running of the place. It was twelve 

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