Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


51. 51

The traffic light was green so Bobby turned right he carried on past Woolworths then turned left. He parked up in the lane next to the arcade Fish and chip shop. The smells of fish and chips were in the air as he got out the car and waved to the ladies serving.

He turned the corner of the fire station then crossed the road. John pushed the door open and Bobby being taller could see all the way to the bar. Martine saw him coming in and gave him a big smile.’

Hi, how you doing?’

Better now that you are here.’

She leaned across the bar and kissed him fully on the mouth.

That’s better; I’ve waited all day for that.’ Can I get you a drink?’

“Yes, please just a shandy for me and two pints of Carlsberg and whatever you would like.’

“I will have a fresh orange if that’s alright.’

“It’s still fairly lively for a Monday night isn’t it.’

“I would rather it be busy Bobby than dead as the time goes slow.’

“What time will you get off?’

“About eleven thirty but I will ask if I can get away about eleven if you want and early night.

“Bobby raised his eyebrows and said okay; I will buy you supper if you like?’

“I’m not into kebabs or curries; I just like a nice bag of chips with batter and salt and vinegar.

“A girl after my own heart I will be back at eleven to pick you up with super.’

Bobby walked from the bar and headed for a table.’

Bobby sat down where John was sitting with Simon who had just come in moments earlier.

Hi Simon; here’s your pint as requested.’

Cheers; are you not drinking?’

“I’m’ driving so I thought I would just have a shandy.’

“Why don’t you park up outside of your girlfriends then come back and then you can have a pint or two with us.’

“Okay give me a minute; Bobby left the bar then crossed the road and ran to the car. He called into the chip shop and ordered fish and chips twice to be collected at ten past eleven.’

Bobby paid for them then got into the car and drove to Martine’s house.’

He parked it then locked it and walked back along the street to the main road.

Simon asked how John was getting on.

“Well I saw Heather again last week; I was telling Bobby about her. She’s a real wild chick.’

“Really; tell me more.’

She’s got me into bondage mate and I can’t get enough of it.’

“Wow what with all those whips, chains and shit?

“Aye she like’s me to slap her bum and she wants me to completely dominate her.’

Jesus Christ that is heavy shit mate.’

“The sex is outstanding mate.’ How did you and Susan get on?’

“Well she can’t get enough of my body; we had sex standing in her passage. She ripped off my clothes as soon as we got in. Then I had her on the staircase; in the fuckin’ shower; in fact just about everywhere in her house. She is so spontaneous.’

“We were walking home the other night from the Bee Hive and she took me over the road into the sand dunes.’

“It certainly give a whole new meaning to making sand castles.’

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