Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


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He took stock of how Peter was dressed for work. He would wear smart but casual clothes whilst learning the skills required running a pub of his own. Once he was accomplished he would then be dressed smartly every day.

It was nearly five thirty when Maggie returned she parked the car and then pulled the hand brake. She checked her mirror to make sure that there were no cars coming behind her then opened the door and got out.’

Same time tomorrow said Doreen.’

“Yes thanks.’

Doreen got back into her own car then drove away.

Maggie was about to go in when her neighbours came out to ask how she was learning to drive.’

“Well my new car won’t drive its self.’

“That car is yours Maggie?’

“Yes; I bought it yesterday; do you like it.’

I wouldn’t be leaving it out here though; some one might pinch it.

“I won’t be leaving here much longer. ’I’ll be putting it into my double garage.’

“But you haven’t got a garage.’

“I have in my new house; look you might as well know. after my fathers funeral I’m moving away.’

“Where to Maggie?’

“In West Monkseaton where I will be running my own pub; you will have to come for your lunch as I intend to serve food both of a lunch time and evening.’

“Have you won the pools or something?’

No my father left me a substantial amount of money in his will.’

If any of you want my washer, cooker, and fridge, you are welcome to them; you can also have my beds, curtains and anything else that I’m leaving behind.

I’ll have your washer and your fridge said Mavis.’

“Is the cooker gas or electric?’

“Where in my new house?’

I thought you were living in the pub.’

“Oh no, I have just bought a house on Abbots Way.

“You father must have died a wealthy man.

Oh yes,’ didn’t you know that my father was a multi millionaire.’

“But he lived in the Ridges in a council house.’

“Yes he did Mavis; you see my father never lost the common touch and neither will I.’

“You will be made welcome in my pub any time that you are passing.’

“Thank you Maggie.’

“Now, I will let you know what I’m getting rid of by the Wednesday the funeral is on Thursday so I expect you to arrange collection of the cooker and other things on Friday morning as I will be handing the keys in to the rent office.’

What’s the name of the pub you are going to run?’

It’s called the Black bull now but when I take over ownership I want a new name.’

“Really what do you fancy calling it?’

“I don’t know yet; it will change I assure you of that though.’

 “Well we wish you good luck in your new place, don’t we Mavis.’

“Yes we’re going to miss you.’

“Well I certainly won’t miss this place I can tell you that.’ That’s no disrespect to you or anyone else but I’ve always wanted a pub of my own and now I have one.’

“Your father did well by you Maggie.’

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