Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


38. 38

Cause you and I made our choices

All those years ago

Still I know I’ll hear your voice

And see you down the road

maybe in





Oklahoma, drivin’ cross the prairie

In Dallas, Texas isn’t that where we

Always said we would like to try

Never did so maybe that’s why

You’re on every highway

Just beyond the high beams

No matter where you choose to be

In my heart I will always see you in


Albuquerque waitin’ out a blizzard

Arizona dancin’ cross the desert

Watching the sun in Monterey

Girl I swear just the other day you were

Down in Georgia, picking those peaches

In Carolina barefoot on the beaches

No matter where you choose to be

In my heart I will always see you




Bobby that’s lovely, you are an incredible singer you are wasted.’ You need to be singing to an audience.’

“One day maybe said Bobby as he finger- picked another tune.’

Have you ever considered writing your own songs?’

Yes, I wrote a couple of tunes.’

“Can you play them for me?’

“Yes, sure I will.’

 Bobby played and sang the tunes he had written himself and they spoke volumes.

“He sang of his loneliness, and his home that he missed so much.

Have you ever recorded your voice?’

“No; I never got round to that.’

“Well I think you ought to record your songs and send them off.’

“Who am I going to send them to Martine?’

“There are producer’s who deal in all kinds of music, I’m sure there must be one for country music,’

“Have you heard of the World Wide Web (WWW) it’s a new internet service on a computer. Come with me.’

Bobby followed her into another room where there was a computer on a desk and floppy discs an ink jet printer and reams of paper stacked up in the corner.’

She turned on the computer and waited until it had booted up then by using what she called a search engine she was able to find several record producers. She wrote down 

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