Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


29. 29

You don’t hang about do you.’

Life is too short to wait around Maggie; you have to grab it with both hands.’

“I wish I could be like you.’

“We have to go to see Judith;

“we could go now go now.’

“Alright but I’m going to have to put some juice in the car first as they only put a gallon in the tank.’

Here let me pay for the petrol as you paid for dinner and everything else today.’

“I will write you a cheque when we get in.’

“If you like; there’s no hurry.’

“I will give Judith a cheque for one hundred grand when we see her.’

What about mam?’

“Well you can sort that out at the funeral this Thursday.’

 It’s only six days away now.’

“I know it seems so final doesn’t it Bobby.’

“Yes it does; you’re going to be alright aren’t you Maggie.’

“I won’t know how I will be until that time comes when we lay our dad to rest.’

They pulled up outside of Judith’s house and then got out. Judith met Maggie and Bobby at the door and asked them in.

Bobby explained that they had been to the insurance company and that everything was taken care of. She cried and that started Maggie off. Bobby consoled them both then went to put the kettle on to make tea.

When he was in the kitchen he wrote out the cheque to give to Judith.’

When the tea was made he brought it in.’

Judith poured out the tea as Bobby told her about how their father had left them both some money.’

“Andy didn’t have any money; he told me.’

“Well we did as well Judith but apparently dad liked to play with stocks and shares.’

“Where did he get that kind of money to play stocks and shares?’

“I don’t know Judith but we have decided to split the money four ways; we are going to give my mother the same as what we are going to give you Judith.’

Bobby handed her the cheque and she gasped when she saw the amount that it was written out for.’

“One hundred thousand pounds, I don’t believe it; where did he get that kind of money from?’

“That was what the bank manager told us Judith when we closed his accounts.’

“We have lived from hand to mouth all those years and Andy had thousands of pounds tidied away.’

“Well now you don’t have to worry about money.’

“I would rather have Andy back with me than this.’

“So would we Judith but nothing will bring him back.’

“What am I going to do with all of this money?’

There are lots of things that you can do Judith. You could go and see a bit of the world, buy a new house; or even a car.’

I wouldn’t want to go on holiday without Andy and I will never move from here it was where Andy and I spent many happy years. As for a car I don’t go anywhere.’

“Well you could if you learned how to drive.’

“I’m blind as a bat so I wouldn’t get a licence.’

You could always buy this house then you wouldn’t have to pay rent.’

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