Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


22. 22

Bobby scraped the beans on his plate that he’d left into the waste bin then ran the hot tap. He never heard Steve leave this morning he thought as he filled up the sink and squeezed some Fairy Liquid into it. He set about cleaning the dishes then stacked them on the draining board. He then replaced all the salt, pepper, brown sauce, and tomato ketchup back into the cupboards. He wiped down the table with a spray cleaner; before then going to his room to change his shirt.’

Maggie shouted and asked him if he had dirty washing to place it in the wash bin and she would do it for him.’

“Thanks Maggie.’

He put on a black tee shirt his Levi Jeans and his denim jacket.

He polished his boots before putting them on.’ They locked the door on their way out and then went around the corner and waited at the bus stop.

Hello Maggie said Mrs Laidler.

“Hi Elsie, how are you?’

“Whey I was fine last week but now my lumbago has started up. I’m away doon to see the doctor.’

“Well I hope that you get sorted out Elsie.’

“Where are you off to then hinny?’

“I’m going with my brother to sort out some things for our late father.’

“Eeh I know it was so sudden wasn’t it; Andy was a lovely man an aal.’

So is this handsome lad your brother then?’

“Aye, he is.’ This is Bobby Elsie.’

“By little Bobby, I remember you when you was in your pram and your mother was pushing you around.’

“How is your mother these days?’

She hasn’t been well either Elsie; you know how stubborn she can be. She will not go and see a doctor.’

“Well give her my best when you do see her.’

“I will Elsie thanks.’

“How long is the bus going to be asked Bobby?’

“It shouldn’t be long sonna;’ said Elsie with a toothless smile.’

Bobby hated waiting around and paced the pavement until the bus came around the corner and they all got on.

Bobby paid the fare then went to join his sister at the back of the bus.’

“Where are we going first, Liverpool Victoria or the bank?’

“I think since the bus stops in the square we will go to the Liverpool Victoria first.

The bus passed Johns house and he wondered whether or not his wife would be speaking with him today for stopping out all night.

The bus carried on down Ripley Avenue and onto Avon Avenue before carrying on to Shields via Waterville Road. Women and young girls pushing foldaway pushchairs got on some of them only looked like kids themselves as they stuck a Greggs dummy into the children’s mouths (sausage roll) they then took out a mobile phone and held it to their ears.’

”Where are you everyone could here as the volume was turned up.’

“Where are you?’

“Where the fuck do you think I am you stupid sod; I’m on the friggin’ bus going down to the SS (social security) to get some money as you blew aal wor money on beer an’ tabs.’

“Bring that fuckin’ money home Paula.’

No yor not getting’ a penny.’

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