Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


20. 20

There was an old school here once you know.’ Actually it was later used as The St Edward’s Boxing Club Gym. All that remains is the church hall now. The building was knocked down and turned into shops that you see now.


Walking on the left hand side they carried on until they came to the end house.’

There was a well kept garden with peony roses growing there was a stone wall covered in green moss and a wrought iron fence separating the next house along painted black.’ The borders had marigolds, mini coloured daisies, and purple lobelia planted in them. Martine opened the white UPVC door with a stained glass window and brass letterbox. “Come through Barry said Martine as she went to the bathroom.’

A few minutes later Martine returned and the sound from the toilet being flushed diminished into the distance. These were old Edwardian terraced houses and the living room was very large. She had a cream leather three piece and Martine asked him to take a seat. The carpet was dark brown and the walls had one wall papered and the rest of the walls a cream colour. The original doors all had brass handles on them each had a key in the lock.

Martine turned on some soft music and asked Bobby if he would like anything to drink. I have some cold chicken if you would like a sandwich.’

“No thanks I’m fine; but I do need to use your bathroom.’

Martine laughed then pointed to the bathroom door.

Inside the bath was a peach colour and so was the toilet. There were tiles on the walls and on the bathroom floor. There was a peach coloured bathmat on the floor.

After using the bathroom he washed himself. Then came out Martine had drawn the large curtains and she asked him to come and sit beside her on the sofa.

Straight away Martine began to kiss Bobby; softly at first then slid her hand inside of his shirt feeling his chest. She opened her mouth and there they both toyed with each others tongues.’

Martine was breathing heavily now.’

“Come on let’s take this to my bedroom.’

Bobby went with her and she turned on the passage light then went into her room. They stood kissing whilst they took off each others clothes. Bobby looked at her small but well rounded breasts. His hands reached for her buttocks and he pulled her to him.

His hands began to explore her and she gasped as his hand went inside of her thighs She hooked one of her long legs around him as he stroked her. She guided his penis inside of her then hooked the other leg around him. he supported her as she leaned back then Bobby walked towards the bed he let her down and then took hold of each leg and placed it onto his shoulders he was now fully inside of her now and he moved in and out of her.

“Harder she screamed as his thrusts increased she moved her hips in time with him until a wave of passion soared through her body and she shuddered in spurts of orgasmic pleasure.

Bobby turned her onto her stomach and took her from behind and his breath against her neck sent her again as he kissed it and bit on the lobes of her ears. Faster and faster Bobby went as she backed into him with each thrust. He came in a succession of spurts then collapsed on top of her. Then he rolled onto his back and she placed her head on his chest to hear his heart pounding. They lay there without saying a word for a long time before she got up and walked sexily to the toilet.’

“When she returned she asked him if he would like that cup of coffee now.’

“I will have a nice cup of tea if you are making one Martine.’

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