Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


10. 10

“Bobby you are a right little entrepreneur; I bet you never go short of food.’

“Never Maggie; I reckon I save four thousand eight hundred pounds a year.’

“I have saved about one hundred and eighty grand in two years selling food to these shops.’

“One hundred and eighty thousand pounds Bobby?’

“That is without my wages; I pay no rent because I bought these two flats from a friend who needed money quick to pay off a debt. “ I had them done out. I had new plumbing, electrics, and furniture installed. I now live in the down stairs whilst I rent the upstairs to a family for three hundred pounds a month.

“You are a very clever man Bobby.’

“Anybody could do it if you have the capital behind you.’

“You can buy properties fairly cheap in Portsmouth and I intend to make five hundred thousand next year.’

“I know guys in the trade all looking for work and who can get their hands on the materials cheaply. What they can’t I bring over from Denmark and France in my trailer?’

“You are going to be a millionaire Bobby before you are thirty.’

“Here I will help you peel the chips.’

“We have some frozen chips here.’

“Bobby shook his head and told her to fry the steak he was going over the road to the chip shop to buy real chips.’

“I have money said Maggie but Bobby was out the door and over the road.’

He walked into the Big Fry and ordered four bags of chips in batter and then asked the woman behind the counter to wrap them well.

He paid the £2.00 for them then made his way back over the road again.’

When he got back Steve was setting the table.’

“How do you like your steak Bobby?’

“Serve Steve first.’

“I have his done already there is just yours and mine to do now.’

“I like mine done two minutes on each side.’

“Funny that; so do I said Maggie.’

The steaks were placed into the pan as Steve made a fresh pot of tea.’

 When the food was ready they sat around the table as it was shared out.’

“Tomorrow morning first thing you can come with me to the bank and then will go to the Liverpool Victoria insurance office in Northumberland Square in North Shields.

After that I will come back and sort out the gardens.’ Then later I will pay Judith a call.’

“We could go and see dad in the chapel of rest if you wish.’

“Alright I will do that.’

“How’s the steak; have I cooked it enough?

It’s perfect said Bobby.’

“There’s loads more chips left if you want some.’

“I will have some more said Steve.’

“I have enough said Bobby.’

“Do you have plans tonight Bobby?’

“Yes I’m going to visit my friends Simon Harrison and John Collingwood.’

Are they still living in Peartree Crescent.’

No; Simon lives in Edwards Road in Whitley Bay and John moved up to the Baulkwell.


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