Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


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Turning on the cassette player in his truck Bobby Wray played his favourite country music star Lee Brice, The country star said everything that Bobby was thinking as he made his way back to the North East. Bobby travelled all over the country driving for Danish Bacon. He’d been a driver for two years now since he got his HGV licence. He drove all over the British Isles and across to Esbjerg in Denmark by ferry to pick up consignments to be delivered to large supermarket chains like Marks and Spencer, Presto, Sainsbury, and Asda. This time he was going back to a place where he’d left as a fifteen year old when he went to live with his uncle Sammy Gardiner and his Aunt Mildred in Portsmouth. He wouldn’t be going back a happy man as his father Andy had died unexpectedly from a heart attack. His sister Maggie had called him to tell him what happened. Apparently his father was in the garden mowing the lawn he bent down to remove the grass box when he held his chest as the pain surged through him. He rolled onto his back then couldn’t get his breathe. Judith Corbin the woman who had been sharing his bed came running out into the front garden she saw immediately that Andy was struggling to breathe. She ran into the house and dialled for an ambulance. It took the ambulance men in Sunnyside in North Shields over ten minutes to arrive but by then it was too late Andy Wray was dead. He was only fifty two years old. Bobby was not looking forward to going to his father’s funeral but he knew that it was something he had to do.

Bobby listened to “Life off my years” as he continued on the motorway. He would stop at a service station when he got to Leeds. He picked up his mobile phone and tapped in his sister’s number and then placed the phone in the hands free holder and fixed the ear piece that allowed him to speak and listen whilst driving.

Hi Maggie, it’s me Bobby.’ I’m in Sheffield on route to Leeds. I should be with you by three o’clock depending on traffic. He didn’t have a trailer on the back of the truck so he was able to make good time.

“I have to let you know that mam is going to be at the funeral Bobby.’

“As long as she keeps out of my way Maggie everything will be fine.’

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