''What was this? Fatigue washed over me so suddenly, I should of known what was going on. I look at my drink now realizing it was silvery instead of clear, and at that realization I fell to the floor my entire body seizuring.''

Her friend told her it would be the best night of her life, why did she believe her?
Maxine 'Max' Rowling is about to turn 18, and about to get to the point in her life where it is legal drink. In a spur of the moment decision, influenced by her friend Maya Dean, Max makes a possibly fatal decision.
*Targeted towards older readers, cautionary reading advised.


1. Seventeen

''3 days!'' Maya squealed at me. She'd been waiting longer then I had for my 18th birthday. I still didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't going clubbing on my 18th. ''We need to get you a dress!'' I sigh. She knows I hate dresses especially her types of dresses, ones designed to flaunt every aspect of your body. She goes on talking about this dress she'd seen that was 'perfect' for me, as I stare out the window in wait of the only person who could save me from Maya's rambling. Out of the corner of my eye I see a tall man in a plum coloured suit staring at me, he's tall and muscular looking with skin as pale as paper, the only flaw to his skin being the dark five o'clock shadow forming around his jaw, which was as straight as a blade. He stares at me, not bothering to wipe the strand of his raven hair away from his eyes. He stares at me for what feels like a lifetime as I watch him out of the corner of my eye. ''Max! Are you even listening?'' Maya shouts from across our table, waving a hand in front of my face. ''Our coffee is getting cold.''

The man looks away towards a much younger man who bounces happily into Starbucks, I stand knowing the probably middle aged man was still watching us. I run in to Tom's open embrace as he walks in. He wraps his arms around me tightly as I feel the eyes of the strange man bore into the back of my head from his standing position on the other side of the glass. I wrap my arms tightly around Tom's waist, breathing him in. He smells like his aftershave, the way everything he owned smelt, the way his hoodie I constantly wore smelt. I can't describe in any other way than pure comfort. I look up at Tom as he kisses me gently on the lips. I grasp his hand and interlock his fingers with mine, leading him over to the table. For all of a minute I forgot about the man who had been watching us. That's when our eyes made contact. The mans eyes were dark with fatigue but icy blue. I shiver as I feel Tom put his arm around me. The conversation was light for a long time, it felt like hours before Maya brought up her new favourite topic.

 ''So Tom, you're definatly cool with her coming to the club with me right?''
I look at Tom desperatly but he just nods his head.

''I'm not the boss of her.'' He responds humbley. I bring my latte to my lips and take slow sips, before taking a gulp.

''I'll make sure she doesn't grind on any boys.'' Maya says cooley as my latte comes back up bit through my nose. I snort and choke at the same time, as Tom just chuckles at me passing a napkin.

''Max take it slow.'' He smiles.

 ''You know I won't even talk to anyone right.'' I say to Maya, and partially to Tom.

 ''I know Miss Social Anxiety.'' Maya laughs.

 I sigh looking down at my cup. ''Hey Tom you want me to get you a cup of tea or coffee or anything?'' I say looking up to him, even sat next to him he's taller than me.

''I'm okay babe.'' He says kissing my forehead. I cuddle up into Tom's arm and just sit in silence as he converses with

 Maya about my birthday.

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