Forbidden Love // H.S

What happens when two people meet, fall in love to then find out they are going to be step-siblings in a matter of 2 months? Well that's what happens to Riley Winters when she meets Harry, the guy she has been always looking for. Will she sacrifice everything to be with him or will she give up the only love she's ever known...


1. Prologue

"Falling for you was like

taking an afternoon nap;

promising myself only

a brief slumber, but as 

soon as I had fallen, I

was already dreaming"


All rights reserved

© xxRhi17xx

Hey guys, I'm back with another story. I have already written 2 chapters for this book because I have been working on it on wattpad so I'll be posting on there and here so if you want to follow me on wattpad its xxRhi17xx.

Thank you :)







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