Forbidden Love // H.S

What happens when two people meet, fall in love to then find out they are going to be step-siblings in a matter of 2 months? Well that's what happens to Riley Winters when she meets Harry, the guy she has been always looking for. Will she sacrifice everything to be with him or will she give up the only love she's ever known...


2. i




"besides, you were the exact distraction I was looking for"


Riley's P.O.V

I wouldn't know how my best friend convinced me to go to this party tonight but she did. Clouds of smoke filled the room, loud music echoed through the walls filling my ears and you see the occasional girl grinding up against anything that had two legs. I didn't really want to be here but Naomi insisted I came tonight to try and have a good time and to get my mind off the fact that I was dumped less than 24 hours ago. A good time? Well I guess I could try.


I walk to the kitchen and grab myself a red solo cup and fill it with whatever I could grab off the counter. I take a sip and feel the warm liquor slide down my throat with a little bit of a burning sensation. Bourbon and coke. My favourite. I walk to the area where everyone was either making out or playing some ridiculous game of truth or dare. I decide to go sit down on an empty couch and drink away my sorrows.


The next thing I remember I was on my fifth cup of bourbon and coke and on the dancefloor dancing to my favourite song Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon. I sway my hips to the beat of the song.


"Kitten Heels, Lingerie,

Pantyhose, Foreplay,

Legs up, on the bar,

In the back of your car,"


I felt someone come up behind me and grabbed me by the waist and grinded on me in the same rhythm as me but at this point, I was too drunk too care so I kept dancing enjoying my time.


"Latex, champagne,

Bubble bath, whipped cream,

Cherry pop tag team,

Can you make me scream"


I turn around to the person behind me and wrap my arms around his neck, still swaying my hips. I open my eyes to be greeted by a piercing pair of green ones. I don't ever think I've seen eyes that could just captivate you within seconds. These were definitely the most beautiful pair of eyes I've seen. I lean back a bit to catch a full glance at this guy to see a head full of curly brown hair and the cheekiest grin on his face which showed off two dimples on the side of his mouth. This boy was absolutely stunning. Why would he be dancing with someone like me?


I smile at him and threw my head back still dancing to the song. He followed my movements and pulled me closer to him. I could smell beer and cologne mixed on him and it was intoxicating, I just couldn't get enough.


"I am no angel

I like it when you do that stuff to me

I am no angel

I like it when you talk, (talk) dirty when you talk (talk)"


I stare into his eyes as we dance to the music, still swaying and grinding with each other. I see a smirk appear on his face and I swear I melted inside. A smile like that could knock anyone out in a heartbeat. He buries his face into the crook of my neck and starts kissing it, making me throw my head back in pleasure. I small gasp escapes my lips as he starts to suck on my neck, nibbling at the skin leaving what could be the next morning, a love bite. He stops and looks at me again and before I could blink twice hisls to suck on my neck, nibbling at the skin leaving what could be the next morning, a love bite. He stops and looks at me again and before I could blink twice his lips were on mine. Not in a hungry, wanting way but a more lustful and soft kiss. His lips moved in sync with mine and I could taste the alcohol on both of our tongues. He broke it off but I was left wanting more. I look into his eyes one more time and then he walked away into the crowd, without even saying a word. Who is this guy and why is it I was left with wanting more?


The alcohol was passing through my body like water and eventually I needed to go use the ladies room. I walk through the crowd bodies and make my way up the stairs, locating the bathroom. Once I reached the top of the stairs, I walked into a very hard chest stumbling back a little.


"Sorry," I quickly said.


"That's okay, sweetheart," a thick british voice said back to me. I look up to meet the same pair of green eyes I did earlier. I smirk plastered across his face and I couldn't help but blush a bit.


"What's your name?" I asked him. He came towards me and put his mouth up against my ear.


"That's for me to know and for you to find out darling," he whispered and then walked away from me once again, down the stairs.


Seriously who is this guy? And why is he so mysterious. I go the bathroom and lock the door. I look in the mirror and fix my hair a bit and wipe away the black eyeliner that wasn't staying on my eyes. I move my hair away from my neck to see that there is indeed a love bite.


"Shit," I murmured to myself. I need to cover this before I go home. I pull out my foundation out of my purse and yes before you ask, it is an essential to take makeup with you anywhere you go... In case of an emergency like this. I put a little bit on my index finger and dab on the forming love bite. That should cover it for now. I put it back in my purse and position my long, blonde hair back around my neck covering it up a bit more.


I head back downstairs to try and find my friend Naomi. I look around the room and spotted her on a couch, making out with some random guy. I walk up to her and stood in an awkward position waiting for her to notice I was there. I cleared my throat and she stopped what she was doing to look in my direction.


"Heeeeyyy Riley, what's up?" she slurred. Obviously she's had more to drink than me and I'm already sobering up.


"Just wanted to let you know I'm gonna start heading home okay," I informed her.


"Okay well I'm gonna be here a little while longer," she winked at me and shrugged her head towards the guy she was previously making out with.


"Obviously," I laughed, "Well do you need me to leave you some money to get a cab home?" I asked.


"No it's okay I'll probably get a lift home by---- what's your name again?" she asked the guy beside her.


"My name's Derek...", he rolled his eyes at her. What a douche.


"Yeah, I'll just get a lift home from Derek," she informed me. I didn't really like the idea of this guy taking her home, so I pulled out a 50 dollar note and handed it to her.


"Get a cab home please. I'll see you tomorrow," I said before I turned around and started walking off.


"Thanks babe!" she yelled out to which I just waved my hand in the air, signalling an okay.


I walk past everybody towards the door. I step outside and instantly the cold air hit my skin and I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding. This is exactly what I needed. I started walking in the direction of my house when suddenly a black SUV pulls up beside me and winds down the passenger window. I look in to the see the mysterious guy from earlier.


"Hey good looking, want a ride home?" He asked me with that same smirk always plastered all over his face. I was going to say no until I realised it was a half an hour walk back to mine and it was also 1:00am.


"Sure, why not," I insisted and walked over to the car and hoped into the passenger seat.


"Where to love?" He asked.


"156 Ashberry street," I replied. He smiled at me and then indicated back onto the road and started driving in the direction towards my house. I know I shouldn't really be giving a stranger my address but hey, he did just kiss me and left a love bite on my neck. Oh and he is very good looking not to mention. After what seemed to be forever of silence, I decided to break it.


"So, mysterious stranger, are you going to tell me your name yet?" I glanced over to him as I see a smile appear across his face.


"I'll give you a hint, it's starts with a H," he informed me. Jesus, his name could be anything. There's heaps of names that start with H. This is going to be hell for me, I know it.


"I have got no clue," I stated. He chuckled a little and glanced over at me.


"Then I guess you won't know," He winked at me before turning his gaze back onto the road. He might be cute but he's also kinda a pain in the arse.


"Well I'm Riley, in case you didn't know, and I think you should tell me your name considering I have a huge love bite forming on my neck as we speak," I sternly said. He threw his head back in laughter and then turned to look at me.


"Sorry about that. I was kinda in the moment you know," he winked at me which I returned with an irritated scoff. "You're right, you do deserve my name. My name's Harry and it's a pleasure to meet you Riley," He smirked. Harry, hmm suits him. Good looking guy with an even more good looking name.


"Nice to meet you Harry," I gave him a warm smile. My phone buzzed in my hand and I look down to see a text from my mum.


"When are you coming home sweetie?" - Mum


Really? Since when does she ever ask when I'm coming home.


"Not far away. Should be another 10-15 minutes." - Riley


"Okay hunny x" - Mum


I lock my phone and turned my attention back on Harry.


"So, Harry, what were you doing at the party tonight?" I wondered.


"Same as you probably, looking for a good time," He smirked. Why does he always make me feel weird inside when he smirks.


"Well I guess you could call being dumped less than 24 hours ago a good time," I stated. He glanced at me and gave me an apologetic look.


"Eh don't be sorry, besides you were the exact distraction I was looking for," I decided to flirt back. He looked at me and gave me what I could only explain, the sexiest smile I've ever seen.


"Distraction you say," he teased. I widened my eyes in shock. Did I say the wrong thing? Shit, I don't need to screw this up already.


"I'm joking," he quickly added. I let out a sigh and lightly punched him on the arm which caused him to chuckle.


"So, why did your boyfriend break up with you? If you don't mind me asking," he asked.


"No I don't mind saying. He cheated on me and instead of me breaking up with him he wanted to do the honours so he doesn't look like a pussy in front of his friends," I let out a long breath and turned to look at Harry, which he didn't look to happy.


"What sort of dick does that," he angrily stated. "You're such a beautiful girl, anyone would be lucky to be near 10 feet of you," he added. Why would someone like him say something like that about me. I'm not a popular kid and by the looks of it, he is.


"Like I said, it doesn't matter. I knew for a while now that he was cheating, that's why I'm not really bothered by the whole break up," I stated.


"Who is he," A very jealous Harry asked.


"Well I doubt you know him. I don't even know if you go to the same school as me," I said. Why is he getting all defensive.


"Westlane High?" He asked me. I've never seen him around before.


"Yeah that's the one. How come I've never seen you around school before?" I looked at him confused.


"Probably because I don't hang around with the larger crowds. I have a few mates and we just sit somewhere where no one can see us," He told me. So that's why.


"But anyway, what's your ex's name?" He asked me.


"Why do you need it?" I asked him confused.


"No reason," he added. Weird.


"Theo Kelly," I replied. He nodded his head and then turned back to look at the road. Why the hell would he need my ex's name.


I spotted my drive-way from a far and pointed it out to Harry which he eventually pulled in to.


"Thanks for the ride," I said, as I started to gather my things and open the door.


"Wait, hold on a sec," He pleaded and I turn around and close the door.


"Yes?" I asked.


"Can I have your number? It'd be nice to see you again," he smirked at me. I handed him my phone for which he put his number in and handed it back to me. I spotted his phone and quickly grabbed it and put my number into it.


"Thanks," Harry said, and then put his phone into his pocket.


"So can I ask you one more thing?" He added.


"Sure," I cheerfully replied.


"Can I get one last kiss before you go," he cheekily asked and gave me a wink. Boy he sure knows how to flirt doesn't he. I leant over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before I turned around and opened the door again.


"Well I was hoping for more than that but I guess that'll do," he said which caused a little giggle from me.


"Until next time Harry," I quickly said and closed the door. I turned around and started heading towards my front door, pulled out my key and stepped inside. I heard Harry's car pull out of my drive way and drive off. I shut the front door and locked it behind me. All the lights were off besides the lights on the stairs meaning that everyone must be in bed already.


I walk into the kitchen and grab myself a bottle of water before heading up the stairs and to the direction of my bedroom. I look down the hall to see that my older brother's door is shut so that means he must be home for a change. I open my bedroom door and switch on my bed side lamp. I put my water bottle down and throw everything else on the bed. I walk over to my bathroom and started taking off my clothes before running a hot shower.


I got in and washed my hair and got rid of all the makeup I had on. Sometimes I just really dislike wearing makeup. I turn off the shower and step out and dried myself off. I put on some underwear and a bra and also put on my favourite elmo pajamas. I go back to the bathroom and brush my teeth to get rid of the taste of the alcohol in my mouth. Once I finished I jumped into bed and shot Naomi a quick text.


"Hope you found your way home okay. I just got home myself" - Riley


I put my phone on my bed side table and 2 minutes later my phone goes off. I pick up my phone and see I have a reply from Naomi.


"I just got home too. Thanks for the money for the cab babe, I owe you one" - Naomi


"You can owe me by buying me a hangover lunch haha" - Riley


"Sounds good to me. Night hun" - Naomi


"Night <3" - Riley


I lock my phone and set it back on to my table and turned off my lamp. Just before I was about to go to sleep, my phone vibrated.


"Seriously Naomi, what now," I muttered to myself. I pick up my phone to see a text not from Naomi but from Harry. I quickly opened it to see what it said.


"Thanks for a good night love ;)" - Harry


Damn that boy is so smooth.


"It was my pleasure ;)" - Riley


I quickly replied and set my phone down again. Tonight was very eventful for me. I would never think in a million years, a guy like him would be dancing like that with me.


I shut my eyes and dreamt about seeing those green eyes again. His eyes are ones that I just couldn't


Harry... Cute.



This is the first chapter forbidden love. Stay tuned to find out more. I'll be posting chapter 2 very soon....

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