Vampires Dinner

An ordinary kid around 9 gets tucked into bed by his sweet Italian mother his father the ceo of his company died in a car inccedent after he was born he hears his mother get murdered by a vampire she comes in his room and leaves a blood stained kiss on his forehead while he sleeps silently in the night she wispers into his ear i will have you some day


1. The Introductory

I Look at my mom and, wonder why do I have to go to bed. I extend my short little nine year old arms and grab my mothers neck I did not know that I would never see her again so I didn't know. I Wake up to the sound of a drop on the floor and I fall back to sleep I didn't know when I awoke I had a blood stained kiss on my forehead.

9 years later: I'm riding through the forest on my dirt bike to my little log cabin where I can get away from everyone. There is a small abandoned church but it wont be that much bother I mean its abandoned but I did see a girl with red hands come out of the place so I do have my suspicions about it and her. But I do have to admit she is kinda cute I think to myself and hit a tree I fall off my bike. "Shit" I Try to get up but i have blood Flowing wildy down the side of my leg. A girl runs up to me and pulls the bike off of me "Thanks" She stares at my leg like its a steak. She shakes her head and then looks at me " Oh we need to help you" She holds out her hand i take it she falls forward onto me "Uhh Awkward" She says I roll her off of me and get back on my bike and head to my humble abode in the dense thicket of the dark forest I get home and I go into my small home. 


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