He forced me to him. I didn't know him.
"I could love you better than him; I would promise that."
Butterflies entered my stomach, causing my lashes to flutter, then relax when my lids closed.
Then, it ended.
"What the fuck? Get the hell off her!"
"Okay, but I never break my promises, so I'll be seeing you love."
How would I ever possibly see him again?

Warning: sexual scenes, language, etc.


8. Seven: In the Eye of the Beholder

I laid on the beach towel trying to dry off before we head back to the beach house. I heard a body lay down beside me and I opened my eyes to see Natalie.

"So, you and Harry are a thing?" She asked me.

"I actually don't know at the moment." I answered honestly.

"Hmm. Okay. If it helps you decide, he really is a good guy. But he doesn't take anyone's crap and I'm guessing you've seen that because he likes you. He can be scary, but it's the way he learned to show affection. I think you're good for him, and you'll find that he's good for you."

I thought for a while. "So how long have you known Harry?"

"About my whole life. I was in his life before Lucas and him met. Well, I think that they're ready to go, we should probably pack up so we can get home and eat lunch."




Niall decided that it was best that Harry stayed away from the kitchen while the food was being cooked, so they had me accompany him on a walk because he'd want to help otherwise. Harry's hand soon ended up wrapping around mine, entwining our fingers. 

"So, what's going on in your life?" He asked, looking down at me. "I actually don't know a lot about you."

"Well, what do you want to know?" I responded, not knowing where to start.

"Hmmm, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?"

"Well I start work next week. Then, school starts in about a month, so not a lot."

"Sounds like you'll have a lot of downtime. That leaves a lot of me and you time." He said, sort of in a questioning manner. "So, what about your parents?"

"Well right now my dad is on a business trip. My mom is a lawyer, and she is also on a trip. She gets back tomorrow."

"So you and your mom have a good relationship, I'm guessing."

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, there's no reason to complain about her, at least at the moment."

"Okay. So, what are you good at, besides being perfect?" He asked, smiling.

I laughed. "Hah, I'm not even close to perfect."

"Oh yeah? Name one thing that is not going the way you want it to in your life."

The only thing that popped into my head was him. He just came into my life, and changed it. I never would have expected it. I would've still been with Matt. My life was completely different than I saw where it would be going. The only imperfect thing in my life was Harry.

"Umm... I can't think of anything." I said, pushing those thought's aside.

He laughed. "I told you so. So what are you good at?"

"I enjoy art. Although, I can't say that I'm good at it. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'" I quoted.

"And the most amazing thing about beauty is discovering that you are the beholder. 'And it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid, or misinformed beholder a black eye.'"

"Did you really just quote Miss Piggy from the Muppets?" I grinned trying to hold a laugh back.

"Just a little." He said smiling. 

Times like this made me question whether I liked Harry, because he still scared me. I mean, he practically forced me to come with him. He influenced how I acted, the control of who I was and that scared me. 

"Well, the food is probably ready. We should probably head back now." 

It got to be pretty late when everyone ended up in the hot tub. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. In all honestly, I actually enjoyed today, and I didn't want it to end.

"Hey you guys want some wine?" Natalie asked jumping out.

"Yeah, but Chels can't have any." Harry said, laughing.

I remembered the night I had to stay at Harry's cause I was wasted. I didn't blame him, I was going to stay away from alcohol for a while.

After a while of everyone drinking, you could tell some where starting to get drunk, and one of them was Harry. I heard my phone begin to buzz. The first thing I saw was the time. It was 9:14pm. All of the sudden there were multiple rings, making everyone look down at their phone. Then I saw what caused everyone's phone to ring.

An amber alert.


***Sorry for the wait, for the most boring chapter yet. It'll pick up again, I promise. Thank you for reading it, it means a lot. 




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