He forced me to him. I didn't know him.
"I could love you better than him; I would promise that."
Butterflies entered my stomach, causing my lashes to flutter, then relax when my lids closed.
Then, it ended.
"What the fuck? Get the hell off her!"
"Okay, but I never break my promises, so I'll be seeing you love."
How would I ever possibly see him again?

Warning: sexual scenes, language, etc.


10. Nine: Catching On

Harry's POV

Once Liam's house was in sight, I could see the lights of cop cars flashing.

"Shit." I said to myself.

I got out my car and started walking to the front door. It was opened before I even knocked.

"Hey man. You grab the cigarettes from your place?" He asked. 

I was confused, but I played along with it, trusting Liam and Chelsea. He always carried smoke's with me.

"Yeah. You were really that eager to get them you had to call the cops on me?" I laughed.

I walked in and an officer approached me. "Hello, Harry. I am officer Smithson. Would you like to sit down and answer some questions?"

"Yeah, sure. You mind?" I asked pulling out a cigarette and placing it between my lips, and lighting it.

"No, it's fine." He replied. "So do you know why we are here?"

"Actually, no." I lied.

"Well, someone had claimed that you kidnapped Chelsea Preston this morning, so we sent an amber alert. I'm guessing you didn't get it?"

"Nah, my phone has been in my car all day, charging. Isn't Chelsea your brothers girlfriend?" I asked Liam.

"Yeah, well ex now." He answered.

"That sucks." I said.

"Well, once Liam got the alert, he called us and told us there was no way you could have done it because you've been at his house all day, and she was just at the pub, getting drunk all day." The officer continued in a hurry

I smirked. "Yeah. Liam and I have been hanging here." I said, finally catching on.

"We would like to apologize for all the stress that we have caused you. We would like it if you didn't charge/sue the station. We understand that we should have investigated better, and we don't really want this getting out more than it is. On the station's behalf we have decided to give you $10,000 for the inconvenience." He pulled out a check and handed it to me. Leading all the officers out of the house.

I laughed. "What a sneak. So, Liam, you want to tell me what your plan was?"


Chelsea's POV

I called Tyler to see how he was doing, but he never picked up since the call I told him to tell the police that he had made a mistake about Harry, and it was all just a mistaken guess. I can understand why he's mad, or embarrassed, but I'd think he'd want to talk to me about how crazy, stupid, reckless, I was. I gave up after calling him about 15 times.

My mom told me I was grounded and I could only get out of the house when it was work, school, or going out for groceries. She never really grounded me, which is probably why I still had my phone. I ended up laying on my bed scrolling through my Instagram.

My phone vibrated from my hand. It was an unknown number, so I ignored the call, and continued on my Instagram. Not a while after, I got a text from that same number. I opened it.

Hey, Chels. I need to talk to you. When can I pick you up?


I immediately saw that it was Harry.

I am grounded, and I have community service tomorrow. So it won't happen for a while. I responded.

He ended up never texting back. So I gave up with waiting and decided to close my eyes and try to sleep off my headache before tomorrow.


Sorry it took me so long to update. I've been going through some personal issues. Sorry for the sucky chapter too. I have plans for the story so it'll get better, but if you guys want to give me some ideas for the story that would be great.

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