He forced me to him. I didn't know him.
"I could love you better than him; I would promise that."
Butterflies entered my stomach, causing my lashes to flutter, then relax when my lids closed.
Then, it ended.
"What the fuck? Get the hell off her!"
"Okay, but I never break my promises, so I'll be seeing you love."
How would I ever possibly see him again?

Warning: sexual scenes, language, etc.


9. Eight: Promise Me.

Amber Alert: The captive, Chelsea, has long dark black hair, green eyes, and the age of 16, almost 17. The captor is said to have medium dark, curly hair, and guessed to be around 21 years of age.

Then it gave a description of Harry's car. I looked up to see Harry's angry eye's piercing me. He quickly got out of the tub and walked straight to the house, slamming the door. I ran in after him

"Harry! Wait."

"What the fuck is this?" He yelled, showing me the screen of his phone. "You reported me? I thought you promised you would give me a chance."

"Harry, please. It's a misunderstanding. All we have to do is go in and..."

"A misunderstanding? That's what this is? How'd they get this information if you didn't tell them. Shit!  Whether we tell them the truth or not, I'm fucked. You're 16 and I'm 22. You are a minor, Chelsea."

It was silent. Harry had his face in his hands. Stressed about the situation. He looked up, still in anger. "Get your stuff. I'm taking you home." He walked straight past me and out the door.

I pulled my phone out and dialed in a number until his voice was heard.

"Hey, Chelsea. Are you okay? Are you home yet?" 

"No, but I need your help. Harry does too."

There was a pause. "Okay, but if Matt finds out he'll hate me forever."

"Liam, he won't. Plus, we are completely over."



The car ride back was silent. I feared to say anything. Harry still looked pissed, so I decided I wouldn't make the fire bigger by keeping my mouth shut.

"You can drop me off here." I said once we were at the entrance of my neighborhood. "Harry," I began.

"Chelsea, get the fuck out of my car." He said through gritted teeth.

"No! I am tired of you telling me what to do. If you want to get out of this, you are going to listen for fucks sake! You told me to give you a chance and I am, now it's time for you to promise me a chance. You need to head to Liam's house once I leave this car. He'll explain things more in depth, but you can't be late."

He didn't get the chance to say anything before I was out of the car and walking home. I heard the tires drive away and that's when I pulled a beer bottle out of my bag, and started drinking.

My vision and thinking began to get impaired just like I wanted it to. I came to the door of my house and opened it.

"Oh, my god, Chelsea are you okay? Are you hurt?" My mom asked.

I laughed. I couldn't control it. I was the most annoying drunk in the world. "No, I'm not hurt. What about you? You aren't supposed to be back until...uhh...haha, what the hell was I saying? But why are you here?"

"Well the police called me and told me that Tyler had told them that you had been kidnapped, so I came home early. I need to call the cops, wait here."

The most obnoxious laugh came out of me. "Nah, I wasn't kidnapped." I sort of lied. I don't even know if I would call it a kidnapping.

There was a loud knock on the door and my mom let him in.

"Hello, Chelsea, I'm officer Cheilstenson. We'd like to ask you some questions." He said.

"Okay. That's fine by me, but keep quiet. I can fucking see noises." I laughed.

"Language." My mom reminded.

"So Chelsea, what happened today?" The officer asked.

"Well," I began to cry. I was really a horrible drunk. "My boyfriend and I just went through a breakup, and it's been a pretty shitty week. And I just wanted a distraction, so I went to the pub for a drink. And they gave drinks to me cause I have a fake license. You wanna see it?" I asked, again laughing.

"Okay, so do you know a Harry Styles?"

"Uhh, I think I met him and Matt's family's party thing. He was there with Liam, his brother. Matt's really an asshole. Don't even talk to him, you'll just want to punch him 24/7."

The officers phone rang. "Yeah, I'll be there in about 15-20 minutes. Well, I got to get going, but you will have a $6,000 fine for holding a fake license and underage drinking, and since you are a minor, you'll have the option of paying it off in community service hours. I'll come by tomorrow morning when she's hopefully sober." He said to my mom.

"Okay, thank you so much." She said closing the door. She took a deep breath in then turned to me. "It's been a long day. Go to bed Chelsea, or just lay in bed until you fall asleep."

I went upstairs to my room and practically blacked out once my head touched the pillow.


"Chelsea. Wake up. Officer Cheilstenson will be here in about 10 minutes. You need to change and clean yourself up a little bit." My mom said shaking me awake.

"Okay." I said.

I got up and brushed my hair while putting my hair in a ponytail. I threw some cold water on my face hoping to make me more awake, but it just caused my head to ache worse than it did before. I quickly got dressed then ran downstairs.

"Where's the ibuprofen?" I asked my mom.

"Cabinet above the fridge." There was a knock at the door.

She went to answer it leaving me alone in the kitchen. I took a deep breath in and walked over to the door seeing that it was Officer Cheilstenson.

"Well come in and sit down." My mom said. "Come sit on the couch. Chelsea, come join us."

I sat down.

"Okay. Well, because of the laws violated by Chelsea she will be have to perform one year of community service or pay a fine of $6,000. So which will it be?" He asked.

"I can't pay, so I'll have to do the service." I said.

"Okay so you will have to meet at the city hall everyday at 6:30 for one year, and you'll be relieved at 12:30. And we also recommend that you go to an hour of alcoholic counseling everyday. So we signed you up for a class at the library. That starts at 7pm, and they take attendance. Are you willing to do this? If you aren't, we'll have to take you into custody and figure something else."

"No, I'm good. I'll do the service."

"Okay starts tomorrow and you'll be done with it all July 17th, 2017. So I'll see you tomorrow 6:30 sharp?" He asked.

"Yeah." What the hell have I done?

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