Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


16. Thug 😎😎😎

After changing in to sweatpants and a hoodie that my mom brought for me we we where about to leave the room when Doctor Morgan walked in dimming the lights even darker. " Here are some sunglasses wear them when you are outside along with a hoodie,don't use electronics, but if you must put it in the darkess setting possible. Stay in dark and quiet rooms and, don't take showers only baths other that your good to go." I slid on the glasses and pulled up my hoodie feeling like a thug. "Thanks Doc." I mumbled. My mom opened the door and the bright light stung my eyes. The loud beeps from the machines and the doctors yelling orders was overwhelming. I covered my ears until we got in to the car. I slid into my moms pilot. ( seven seater car) we began driving towards the house. " Are you hungry hun?" My mom asked turning on the radio. I winced at the sound and she immediately turned it off. " No not really." She just smiled as we drove home in silence.

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