Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.



I unlocked the door. The boys were in the living room covering the couch laughing and blasting music through the speakers. Me and Jenna tried to slip upstairs un-noticed, but we failed. " Hey Jade, wanna watch a movie with us?" Ethan yelled over the music. I mentally face palmed myself for letting the boys hear us. I turned around slowly, " Uhh yeah sure is just change really quick." We walked upstairs and into my room locking the door. " Crap it's gonna be so awkward." Jenna pointed out. I totally agreed. Jenna opened her bag and pulled out some pink pajama pants and a matching t-shirt. Me on the other hand wore some black shorts and an oversized t-shirt that said SLEEPOVER. I fixed my messy bun and and grabbed my phone from the pockets of my sweatpants that I was just wearing. We walked downstairs to the living room. On the the long cushion couch Ethan,Calum,and Luke were laying laughing about something. The boy with red hair was sitting in the recliner and Ashton was sitting on the floor by the couch that spun. Me and Jenna sat on it cross cross applesauce silently awkwardly staring at each other. " Hey ladies wanna watch the Conjuring with us?" Ethan asked checking out Jenna. " Sure, are you guys hungry?" I asked trying to be a good hostess because I am pretty sure Ethan hasn't offered the boys anything to drink or for dinner. " Pizza!" The boy with red hair yelled. I laughed and stood up walking in to the kitchen. I picked up the house phone and dialed Pizza Hut. I ordered 3 boxes of pepperoni, two cheese,and pineapple. I know what your thinking that's a lot of pizza for seven people, but Ethan alone eats a whole box,and Calum if I remember correctly eats a lot of pizza too. After all the pizza was ordered I returned to the living room and plopped down on the couch. " I ordered the pizza

it should be here soon." A choirs of thanks you's were given. " So what's your name?" Ashton asked as he sat down on the couch next to me. " I am Jade and this is my friend Jenna." I quietly replied blushing. Ashton gave a small smile to Jenna and turned to me and grinned. " I am Ashton as you know and I didn't know Ethan's sister was so cute." I blushed and gave out a girly giggle. I don't know why such a hot boy was calling me cute. " I am gonna go sit with Ethan." Jenna whispered in my ear smiling. Ashton scooted in the couch closer to me.

" So Jade wanna hang out sometime?" He asked his dimples showing. I smiled and shook my head maybe a little to eagerly. After we exchanged numbers the doorbell rang and I hoped up grabbing thirty dollars and opening the door. " That will be.." He began but I cut him off handing him thirty dollars and taking the pizzas. And shutting the door. I felt rude, but I really wanted to start the movie. I put the pizzas down on the coffee table in the center of the big living room and watched all the boys fight for there own box. I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed seven cokes and set them in the now empty coffee table. Everyone slowly got up to grab a coke I took mine and a slice of pepperoni . Ethan stood up and turned off the lights and started the movie.

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